iXsystems Servers:

Built for the demands of Enterprise Open Source

Dealing with data and applications growth with a limited budget is difficult. You need a solution that handles PB size data sets and heavy compute loads, is ideal for hundreds of clustered servers, and lowers your costs.

Rack real-estate often comes at a premium, and when density and efficiency are required, high density servers are the perfect solution. Maximum rack density can be achieved with systems from a 1U with two individual server nodes, 3U with 24 nodes with a single Intel® Xeon® D Processor, and 4U systems with up to 8 dual socket, high memory capacity, and high-performance nodes.

Offered in a variety of form factors, from 1U to 4U, iXsystems line of rackmount servers are all purpose built to your exact specifications. From single, dual, and quad processor configurations, with flexible networking and storage capabilities, we can build the right server for your workload.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“With ZFS replication and snapshots, I know I can easily bring back a Virtual Machine if something goes wrong and that makes me sleep well at night.”

– Steve Davidson Systems
Administrator at Ashland Food Co-op

“If a user accidentally deletes important information, we can just roll back to another day.”

– Say Ho Tan

“We’ve deployed FreeNAS and TrueNAS at several client locations and all the visual effects people are loving the TrueNAS system and how easy it is to manage.”

– Tim Nagle
Owner, Creative Integrations

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