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[Guide] Allow Maraschino to work with PLEX/Sickrage

Jan 24, 2015
Hello everyone,

Before I proceed, I just want to let everyone know that I am not a very experienced user and there may be a better way to complete this. If that is the case go ahead and let everyone know but this is what worked for myself.

I was looking for something that was simple for my girlfriend to use to find tv shows and movies/music without having to give her my Sickrage/CP/headphones addresses and having to explain it to her. I found this nifty little plugin but the install-able plugin seems to only work with XBMC/Sickbeard.

So I found a fork that seems to work with Sickrage/Plex aswell and decided to write up a little guide on what I did to get this working on my current setup.

This was installed on FreeNAS

First you want to navigate to the plugins tab.

Select the Maraschino plugin and click install. (If you haven't installed a plugin before this may take a while)

Once it is installed, you want to navigate to the installed plugins tab and make sure that the plugin is offline.

Once the plugin is offline navigate to your jails tab and open a shell into the jail.

Once you are inside the jail I like to run these commands first.
pkg update
pkg upgrade

They may ask you to press y or N to allow it to download additional stuff just press y and enter.
Running those seems to remove most issues that you would run into.

After that ran.
pkg install git

Now we need to remove the old maraschino install and install the branch from git that works with plex.
rm -r /usr/pbi/maraschino-amd64/share/maraschino/maraschino/
git clone /usr/pbi/maraschino-amd64/share/maraschino/maraschino/

Once that's done you can set the ownership if you would like. (replace user with the user you want and group with group you want.)
chown -R user:group /usr/pbi/maraschino-amd64/share/maraschino/maraschino/

Once that was complete I then had to restart the jail that was running maraschino.

After that just restart the jail and the plugin was running.

Finally just navigate the IP and configure. Hopefully this helps some of you and possibly could get moved to the guide section. This is my first time trying to write a guide on the forum and as I said I am still pretty new to Freenas and FreeBSD so if I am doing something wrong or backwards please let me know.

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Jun 7, 2015
Great guide! My maraschino is running Plex beautifully. Any idea how to integrate sonarr too?

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