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Very well written, always up-to-date and maintained by a very helpful member of the community.
Perfect! The missing piece in FreeNAS (for home users).
In the same vein as your cross-flashing resource, this is an outstanding write-up. Great attention to detail. Once again, thank you for taking the time to write this up.
While most in this guide is in fact correct, It seems like a rather complicated way of doing something very simple.

Writhing a complete guide for something that can be as short as 3-7 commands on the CLI.

It also doesn't deliver when it comes to the main goal, as stated in the intro:

If it is actually aimed at novices, which it seems, it seems a requirement to instruct them how to apply said dataset to a reinstall.

All things considered:
- For absolute novices one of the automated scripts (Danb35, JailMan etc.) seems preferable (faster, less error prone)
- For slightly less-novice users, Pentaflakes guides are perfectly fine and a way faster read
- For more experienced users its WAY to verbose.

Ergo: while isn't wrong... It looks like a solution looking for a target audience.
Thanks for the feedback. This comment section is really limited though, so I'll contact you via PMs / Conversation.
Really good guide! I had a few questions which you have answered - one about the UEFI BSD.
Also, agree with you about these cards being bullet proof. I thought that I had bricked my Dell PERC H200E 12DNW. I tried flashing many times to cross flash to LSI 9200-8e and eventually I sorted it by running Megarec.exe -cleanflash again.. Thank you for your time to share
This is great list and resource for understanding vendor's use of SMR drives when then they did not clearly identify them as such. In fact, this resource seems to have caught the Internet's attention.
While it gives a great overview of how people would set this up manually. I personally find it more "personal reference" than "resource".

The writhing style has lots of skill level assumptions like using vi, without any guidance. It also contains quite a few copy-paste errors and/or typo's, than anyone with some experience would catch, but would utterly frustrate anyone with less experience.

With a higher skill level you're often beter off using some of the great pre-made scripts (because you would most likely have many jails on your to-do list).

With a lower skill level, you would often be better of using either some of the great pre-made scripts or a more explanatory guide such as the one from @samuel-emrys.
Thankyl you for your great and awesome work!
Excellent resource. My systems are now all in sync, thanks to the "LISTEN" parameter. Love the ability to test without actually going on battery. Great job!
very useful overview, thanks
Super. Working even for 11.3-RELEASE
iocage create -n "lidarr" -p /tmp/pkg.json -r 11.3-RELEASE ip4_addr="vnet0|" defaultrouter="" vnet="on" \
nat_forwards='tcp(8686)' \
nat="on" allow_raw_sockets="1" boot="on" --basejail