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Super. Working even for 11.3-RELEASE
iocage create -n "lidarr" -p /tmp/pkg.json -r 11.3-RELEASE ip4_addr="vnet0|" defaultrouter="" vnet="on" \
nat_forwards='tcp(8686)' \
nat="on" allow_raw_sockets="1" boot="on" --basejail
Brilliant. I did have to hunt down the p20 sas2flsh DOS file as I didn't find it in the download but that was pretty easy here
For what I used, the code is organized and works, so thumbs up for that. The only thing that is missing is a simple screenshot of the pool/dataset layout that your guide is based on. This would help illustrate the design for the inexperienced FreeNAS users. Perhaps doing so will provide the clarity that others are seeking.
Very good but I think the loader should be 1 as 0 disables the role: hint.isp.N.role
A hint to define default role for isp instance (0 -- none, 1 --
target, 2 -- initiator, 3 -- both).
The code is mostly good...
But the documentation and commenting is lacking...

I get what needs to be done/changed, but I fully understand other users' their comments about not getting it.

It's also lacking on the "after installation" instructions side...

I'm working on completely restructering it into a more user friendly format and i'm gratefull for these instructions because they where quite easy to make into actual scripts.

More info about how you can use them differently:
Just retired, one of my first projects is to streamline the wild grown family's infrastructure. After soldering a 100 ohm resistor into our Synology DS415 to get it running again my confidence in that system was broken and a proper NAS had gained top level priority. As a former DEC system engineer I was really pleased to read this guide. I am convienced, that a lot of problems we have today have their root cause in hastily assembled systems that got over the counter without any testing. For me it's kind of Zen to get the system a little bit matured before I put my life in pictures on it.

Thank you for that, good work, indeed.
Set and forget. Addresses several shortcomings of using the plugin including keeping Plex up to date and storing Plex metadata outside the jail.
This resource has given me the confidence to take baby steps to making some LAN resource available externally via the internet.
This is more than just a scripted version of Nextcloud. Through it, I've been made aware of automatic updates of trusted certificates using Let's Encrypt and Cloudflare - all at no cost!