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I fully Agree you can have a killer Nas on a X9 boards and not kill the pocket book! if you would take that $300-$700 and get a better Chassis or more Drivers. I think this is a better option then X10/X11route. As that at min is $300-$700 More, just for Cpu/MBoard/Memory and a gain of maybe 10%-15% in performance and efficiency is just not worth it. Good wright up dude!
Wow, so much knowledge condensed in a quick few-pages paper... I recommend it to everyone.
Perfect for helping me deciding my new build.
Great guide, plex works great. I got a little lost with the openvpn and firewall bit. I couldn't get it to work myself but I use torguard vpn so that may be why.
A must read before building your FreeNAS server! Thanks!
I'd used this guide on the Home Assistant forum, and it's pretty much perfect now! If only I had the time to learn enough about and configure Home Assistant to do more than I currently use it for!!
Might be worth arranging for this to be referenced as a useful resource in a future release of the FreeNAS User Guide possibly in the ZFS Primer section
I'll submit a ticket for the docs team to consider that, but first I want to get about a week of feedback and changes.
Great into material. Can we have one the cover some of the more interesting knobs and buttons? Perhaps covering how to calculate ARC RAM usage due to L2ARC?
I'm looking to keep this simple, so that limits the "interesting" bit. The ZFS book states that the rule of thumb is 25 MB of ARC for each 1 GB of L2ARC. It might be lower with large blocks, but stuff that uses large blocks tends to stream well from disk anyway, so it's not incredibly relevant.