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Great guide. It works perfectly. I use it on iOS when I'm out.
Works exactly as expected. Great time saver.
WOW! Awesomely thorough guide - I wish I followed this from the start and didn't waste several evenings running into dead ends wiping, flashing, re-flashing, re-wiping, etc... Thank you for putting this together and explaining the background and reasoning for having to follow the steps so specifically. My Dell H310 is now a LSI 9211-8i P20 in IT mode finally! (I suppose I have to finally start my "real" project now, lol)
Well written guide for beginners. Explains each step in detail to install and maintain nextcloud.
Detailed and structured description. Outlines the idea, then describes step by step.
Thanks a lot! Definitely needed this information for my new build.
Good short writeup.

To get it completely top-grade:
Some more sources, there are some GREAT comparison sources between the different optane ssd's for use as a SLOG, which perfectly highlight your conclussion :)
Works perfectly first time and so simple!
Thanks for the info.
While I like the subject, I also think it would be great if people do either one of 2 things:
1. Write it up beforehand
2. Write it up till they have something to share.

Currently the title is just plain old clickbait. Actually all the text is nothing more than bait, because there isn't actually anything thats interesting or relevant for others in this resource.
Its to help me remember to write it up. I know myself. If I leave it, or wait to write it offline, it will simply never happen. And I'd like it to. Sorry, the context here is adaptation to personal difficulty, not a desire for teasers.
Very well written, always up-to-date and maintained by a very helpful member of the community.
Perfect! The missing piece in FreeNAS (for home users).