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Top notch video content! Very well explained!
Only thing i would say is that if you are using iocage as recommended the command to access the jail would be "iocage console <jailname>" Other than that Great post!
This seems is a nice simple resource, should work great, but for whatever reason when I do these steps I get blocked at the windows login prompt, and Im sure my credentials are correct so I don't know why it refuses to work.
Hello! New To This Forum, but was looking for a guide to help a friend Flash his 9211 Card I just had him buy, because I didn't have time to walk him through the process, and I found this guide to be INCREDIBLY informative and exactly what he needed! So awesome guide.

However, as a pedantic point, I just had to point out, I am sorry I just couldn't stop myself to signing up to this forum just to say this, I just felt compelled to fix this one small point.

PCIE Gen 1 is 2.5GT/s (or GigaTransfers a Second) which after the 8/10 Encoding works out to 250MBps per Lane. PCIE Gen 2 is 5GT/s, which works out to 500Mbps Per Lane. Your Guide says that PCIE Gen 2 is capable of 250GBps per lane, which is actually about 500 times faster then PCIE Gen 2 is capable of.

In the grand scheme of this guide, this is really an irrelevant point, as this guide is still one of the best cross flashing resources I have seen on the net, but I still could not stop myself from pointing that out. Sorry, character flaw I know...

Anyways, Awesome fricking guide, thank you for making it, you have literally saved me a nights work that I rather take off to play WOW Classic. Have a great night!
Straight path from A to B to C and UPS is up and running, shutdown sequence tested. Thank you for a compact guide.
So jolly good! This script gets updated to the latest bits and pieces and is so reliable to use. Have had great success getting nextcloud going on a FreeNAS server many times using this script.
Great script. Works like a charm :)