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EPIC guide, thank you!

Just curious... have any of you tried following the guide for Organizr? I get to the point where I navigate to http://JailIP and nginx throws an error. I'm guessing it has something to do with nginx.conf. When I change the line "root /usr/local/www/Organizr;" to "root /usr/local/www/nginx;", I do not get an error. Any suggestions?
Clear instructions, resolves an issue that had been discussed fruitlessly on the forums for ages
I got errors when I ran "make install clean" but I had success using "make deinstall install clean"
Compared to either attempts at this type of setup. This one is the best I've seen giving you cheap RAM, fast performance and low price.

The only negative is space requirement, which was not one of the requirements of the build.
Very good compilation of various resources.
I used to look for Chris posts to find those links hidden in his signature... Glad to finally find it in the resource section where it belongs!
Thanks for making this easy!

For those of us running: FreeNAS-11.2-U2 (Build Date: Feb 14, 2019 20:8)

you need to add the following option vnet_default_interface="auto" to the iocage create command.

(See below)
iocage create -r 11.2-RELEASE boot=on dhcp=on bpf=yes vnet=on vnet_default_interface="auto" -p /tmp/pkglist.json -n homeassistant
Thanks for the tip about vnet_default_interface="auto". I'll update the resource to include this
This is a great resource to help users determine if they can roll back to the previous version of FreeNAS
Excellent resource.
Good Guide for starting out in 10 Gig Networking, I used 4x Mellanox connectx-2 cards it did suck having to update the firmware. Thanks jgreco for the Great Resource Guide!!!
I might suggest different boards not using the Intel Atom C2000 series. They are now known to have an issue with high failure rates. Supermicro A1SAi-2750F and Supermicro A1SAi-2550F for example. Google "Intel atom failure".
simple and works great, thanks!
An excellent introduction that helps a beginner like myself figure out the subtleties of the user/group/share relationship.
Useful resource on HDD burning and the use of badblocks.
Some upgrades would be welcome like estimated time of badblocks, badblocks process and options (see Jon Bentley answer here: and disks temperature monitoring with `smartctl` and `grep` for instance.
A good guide that helps a newbie like myself who has never built a computer from parts.
The HDD burning process could be augmented but another resource discuss it as well ( Merging the two or at least linking them and making them coherent would be a nice upgrade.
Has been working well for ages but I just had an issue where the certificate wasn't updated automatically and thought I would share the fix in case anyone else had the same problem. I ran manually and got a 409 error and so I went to System - General in the FreeNAS GUI and tried update the certificate manually there and it turned out that there was a problem with my config (IPv6 address was invalid). Once I fixed that the script ran successfully and life was good again.
flawless - I used this with 11.2 and everything just worked. I added zwave, ios and a tplink switch with no problems. That's the first time that has happened for me with HA and I've used it with several platforms. Love your work :-)
Great article, should be required reading for all new members of the site.It will either be a confirmation for an experienced user or gratefully accepted information fire hose for us newbies.