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So jolly good! This script gets updated to the latest bits and pieces and is so reliable to use. Have had great success getting nextcloud going on a FreeNAS server many times using this script.
Great script. Works like a charm :)
For those of you who have an old-school BIND server:

scp .
chmod 400 letsencrypt.key
curl | sh
git clone
printf "[deploy]\npassword = YourPassword\n" > deploy-freenas/deploy_config
chmod 400 deploy-freenas/deploy_config
# Don't try elliptic curve! Error formatting alert: 'HTTP server does not support certificates with keys shorter than 1024 bits. HTTPS cannot be enabled until a 1024 bit keylength or greater certificate is added # elliptic curve cryptography for the win! But need
export NSUPDATE_KEY="/root/letsencrypt.key" --issue \
-d \
--dns dns_nsupdate \
--reloadcmd /root/deploy-freenas/ --cron --home /root/
Thanks for the detailed steps. I was able to migrate my Plex server from Jail to Docker. Only issue I had is I counld't see my server in Plex because the Claim code I used was older than 4 minutes before launch of the container. But it was obviously totally my fault ;). Just mentionning it here because it may happen to others!
im getting a Create new order error. Le_OrderFinalize not found. {
"type": "urn:ietf:params:acme:error:malformed",
"details": "error creating new order :: invaild character in DNS name",
"Status": 400

the command i ran is --issue -d fqdn_of_freenas_box --standalone --httpport 8675 --reloadcmd "/root/deploy-freenas/"

any help please ?
The message would appear to be telling you that the FQDN you've entered is invalid. Is this an actual public domain you own?
Quality commented scripts.
There are a few issues when I tried this last night, for instance Radarr (not tried sonarr) has a fetch issue pulling the ssl certs:
iocage exec radarr "fetch -o /usr/local/share"
Returns: Certificate verification failed

I got around this by adding: fetch --no-verify-peer

Lastly, can we use media:media credentials on all iocages so they all match and all have the same permissions to write/read to the same folders?
If so would I just have to change:
iocage exec radarr chown -R media:media /usr/local/share/Radarr /config
Because I tried this and just got an error :(

Lastly iocage exec radarr rm /usr/local/share/Radarr.*.linux.tar.gz
Didnt work, I had to go into the jail and do it manually, no biggie just thought I'd mention it.