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Plex 11.3 Mountpoint problems


Mar 26, 2018

So i have tried for a couple of days now to fix this problem.
i never had any issues in 11.2 but i just can't get my head arround this problem.

I install Plex plugin and yes i have tryed both versions.
i have read online that the Plex plugin creates a user in freenas.

no it does not :-(

anyways. my problem is the ACL permissions.
i can't seem to get it right for Plex.
when i mount the Media dataset or a folder in the Dataset in to root/media the media folder dissapears.
yes it dissapeasr because of permissions but how the .... do i get this to work.?

i can't find any good guides online
can someone point me in the right direction

if all this is due to the plex user not being created by the plugin how do i create one my self ? password id and so on.
yes i have tryed but it don't work

Basil Hendroff

FreeNAS Guru
Jan 4, 2014
You will find this thread useful for your understanding of what's going on. Essentially, you need to create a Plex user with the UID/GID 972 with at least read access to your media outside the jail.