Ohio LinuxFest 2017 Recap


October 4, 2017

iXsystems was pleased to once again participate in the 15th annual Ohio LinuxFest, sending Ken Moore, Dru Lavigne, and J.T. Pennington to staff the joint FreeBSD/FreeNAS booth in the expo area.
This year’s event was filled with an outstanding amount of energy and spirit from the staff members, sponsors, and over 700 attendees present at the conference. Attendees showed interest in FreeNAS, the new X10/X20 hardware line, and the upcoming 11.1 release. The demo system running Lumina was also a big draw to the booth. Our booth was constantly busy with many attendees approaching our table with a broad range of questions from specific builds to general information about our products.

In his presentation, Ken Moore spoke about the key elements of an operating system, which components make up a desktop, and how they integrate with each other. Judging from the general questions at the end of his talk, most attendees seemed to have little or no previous knowledge about Lumina/TrueOS.

Dru Lavigne’s presentation provided an overview of the new features in FreeNAS 11.0 and a sneak peek of what is coming in FreeNAS 11.1. Most attendees were already FreeNAS users and asked more technical and detailed questions about FreeNAS.

The iXsystems Team had an enjoyable experience at Ohio LinuxFest 2017. It was truly pleasant and rewarding to interact with the FreeNAS/TrueOS/Lumina/FreeBSD Community in Ohio. Thank you to all the wonderful volunteers, staff members, and other sponsors for producing yet another successful event. We can’t wait to see everyone back in Ohio next year!

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