LISA 2015 Recap

Last week, the annual LISA conference was held in Washington DC. We had a presence at two booths. Dru Lavigne helped staff the FreeBSD Foundation booth. Meanwhile, Matt Finney, Marty Godsey, and I staffed the iXsystems booth.

I thought the conference was great.  Our booth reflected our steadfast dedication to a number of Open Source projects. This detail, along with our location next to the FreeBSD booth, helped us stand out in a sea of exhibitors. Many people stopped by and expressed interest in what we were doing as a company. We spoke with many FreeNAS fans and TrueNAS customers who are extremely satisfied with their experience as a consumer.

There was a solid number of system admins who thought TrueNAS would be a great replacement for their EMC and NetApp systems because they understand fundamentally that they’re paying too much for their current storage needs.

We  had an extremely successful LISA 15 conference as we continue to impress engineers with our robust feature set and growth of Free and TrueNAS.  Overall, It seemed that many people were rooting for us and want to us be successful since we’re representing the way software should be licensed—the Open Source way.

Patrick Bullock
Account Manager

ESG Labs: TrueNAS Technical Report
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