BSDCan 2014 – Craig’s Recap

Craig Rodrigues, iXsystems’ Software Engineer, had a very productive time at BSDCan. In addition to several talks, Craig also worked with other attendees on continuous integration and testing in FreeBSD.

On May 15, Craig led the working group “Continuous Testing with Jenkins ”, during which he gave a status update of everything that the team has done to set up Jenkins in the FreeBSD cluster. The group also brainstormed future plans for expanding the use of Jenkins for src and ports builds and discussed how they could integrate testing with the continuous integration efforts.

© Ollivier Robert

The next day, Craig gave a series of lightning talks. The first, “Setting up a Ruby on Rails bug tracker under FreeBSD”, was about Craig’s experience with setting up the Redmine bug tracker under FreeBSD for the FreeNAS project, including the necessary config files and required Postgres configuration. For “SPEC testing NFS under FreeBSD”, Craig recounted how he took the SPECsfs2008 benchmark and made a FreeBSD port of it. He also briefly covered some of the config files involved and how to run the test to gather results.

Lastly, Craig gave a quick, three minute talk about the Jenkins work in FreeBSD to a variety of representatives from different companies at the request of George Neville-Neil.

During the conference itself, Craig gave his scheduled BSDCan presentation, “Jenkins, BHyve, and WebDriver: Continuous Integration Testing on FreeNAS “, which incorporated material from the earlier group session and also previous presentations given at BAFUG and the BSD Vendor Summit.

Throughout the conference and DevSummit, Craig worked closely with Julio Merino, the author of the Kyua testing framework for NetBSD and FreeBSD. After Craig helped set up Jenkins on Julio’s laptop, Julio modified Kyua so that it could generate test run output in JUnit XML format, the native test result output Jenkins can interpret. The results were then incorporated into Julio’s BSDCan presentation (slides 26-27). Kyua is used heavily by Isilon, Spectralogic, and Juniper for running unit tests under FreeBSD, and the combination of both Jenkins and Kyua will allow for more sophisticated continuous integration and testing workflows. Craig plans to use Kyua with Jenkins going forward with his work on continuous integration and testing with FreeBSD.