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11.3 RC1 - nginx trying to bind to incorrect IP


Dec 19, 2013
Last night I upgraded to 11.3 RC1 from 11.2 U7. I found after the upgrade that the web ui was completely unresponsive. I ended up doing a fresh install of 11.3 RC1 and then restoring my backed up configuration. After restoring the configuration the web ui again became unresponsive. From the console I tried deleting the interface configuration and recreating it, but this also did not help.

I ended up tracking this down to an error in the nginx configuration -- it was trying to bind to an IP ( which was not the same as what was granted by the DHCP lease. At one point many years ago I had manually set this IP, but I've have no issues with previous 11.x releases after switching to using DHCP.

For now I manually edited the nginx.conf file to get the web ui back online, but I'm wondering if anyone else has encountered this or can tell me why nginx may have gotten configured like this? Shouldn't it just be set to listen on (all interfaces)?

EDIT: I just noticed that nothing we selected for the WebGUI ipv4 address. I've since changed this to This correctly changed the nginx configuration to bind to

EDIT2: I went ahead and reported this -- NAS-104590
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