TrueNAS Monitoring: Cacti, Nagios, Zabbix, and Zenoss

TrueNAS has a goal of simplifying storage maintenance and complex monitoring tasks. Every component of a TrueNAS array can be monitored from a Web User Interface. Real-time statistics are displayed that cover the last hour and you can view and monitor usage trends over time.

This works wonderfully for one TrueNAS array, but for customers that have several or many arrays, or have an existing monitoring infrastructure, more was needed. So, over the course of the past year or so, we have made significant changes to the ways in which you can monitor your TrueNAS appliance. Moving from the BSD-based SNMP service to using the more common Net-SNMP has opened up TrueNAS system metrics previously unavailable. We also added the full GUI support for SNMPv3, providing the complete underpinnings for appliances that can be monitored, graphed, and alerted to a plethora of monitoring software both closed and open source.

We looked at the various TrueNAS stats, determined the ones that matter most, slapped an OID on them and provided these metrics via SNMP. So now, not only can you monitor the OIDs that Net-SNMP unearthed (which is a ton in its own right), but now you can also monitor and track specific metrics. We didn’t stop there, either. We put the custom MIB in every distribution of TrueNAS so that customers have easy access to this new data.  But, we wanted to make it even easier. We surveyed our customers for their most favored monitoring and graphing programs and created custom templates to make use of these new OIDs so that integrating TrueNAS with your monitoring system of choice is a piece of cake. On each of the specific vendors’ websites you will now find templates for TrueNAS:

Zenoss  (

Zabbix  (

Nagios (

Cacti (

We are also looking to start work on SolarWinds as well. If you have expertise in this area and want to lend a hand or if there are other monitoring software you’d like to see us support, let us know.

In closing, if  there are any specific metrics you would like to have the ability to monitor via SNMP, please let us know. We are already working on some great additions to the metrics available including, which I personally can’t wait to see, per dataset metrics. This one is big. As we move closer and closer to the next generation of TrueNAS, providing easier and more detailed ways to get telemetry from your appliances is very important to us. We hope that the steps we have taken so far help to make your life easier.

TrueNAS Team


  1. Chris Heerschap

    I’d love to see native support of Graphite. FreeNAS (and I assume TrueNAS) both have collectd as part of the base OS, and the version is new enough to support the write_graphite plugin. I figured out how to include this via collectd include files and it works great, but having native support which could be configured through the GUI would be awesome. Several other TSDBs support Graphite’s plain-text protocol on port 2003/tcp, so this would support them as well. Another option would be using collectd’s native “network” plugin to write to another collectd instance, I don’t know how often that’s used.

    • Mahdi Hedhli

      A CollectD or StatD exporter could be included. Could also look at Prometheus as a very efficient TSDB; no more Whisper files. It uses a pull vs *Graphite’s) push model. I know there is a darwin release, might require some work to compile for FreeBSD. Same thing with InfluxDB… haven’t come across FreeBSD binaries.

  2. Ryan Langseth

    It would be nice if the nagios check did not require the root username and password.

  3. Josh Zenker

    I tried to install the TrueNAS ZenPack in my Zenoss test instance, and it broke my instance. Whom do I need to contact about fixing the ZenPack?

    • Annie Zhang

      Hi Josh, I’m sorry to hear that. Can you please file a support ticket and we’ll take a look?

      • Mahdi Hedhli

        If you guys hit a wall. We’ve got a resident ZenMaster on staff.

  4. John Duino

    Any word of updating the Zenpack for newer versions of both Zenoss (their ZaaS, in particular) and current FreeNAS/TrueNAS?

  5. ueli

    Is there an update of the script (nagios/icinga) for the newer api v2.0?

    I’ve done some try and error and the result is following patch.
    I didn’t test it – my freenas has at the time no errors 🙂

    user@debian:~ $ diff
    self._ep = ‘http://%s/api/v1.0’ % hostname
    repls = self.request(‘storage/replication’)
    alerts = self.request(‘system/alert’)


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