Top 10 Articles in 2016

Here is our annual list of the most read articles of this year. In 2016, our goal was to increase your understanding of ZFS technology, so we wrote a bunch of blogs and created a follow-up to the hugely popular ZFS webinar to cover some of the advanced uses of ZFS.  Here is a list of the top 10 most viewed articles on and on in 2016 based on our analytics. This list represents a wide range of subjects that are contained in the many articles we wrote. To read all of our articles go to and

The Top 10

There was a lot of interest in FreeNAS 10, and iXsystems has a solution for you. The FreeNAS Certified Server line and FreeNAS Mini both use FreeNAS and take the guesswork out of building FreeNAS storage. Choose a FreeNAS Certified Server or Mini — built by the company who wrote the software — for guaranteed FreeNAS compatibility and the reliability that comes from our decades of experience building enterprise server hardware.  Since both use ZFS, you can go here to see why ZFS is one of the six reasons that TrueNAS is replacing NetApp and EMC in the data center.

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