Release incorporates FreeBSD 10.2 base system and features a switch to “iocage” for the jail management backend.

The PC-BSD Team recently announced the release of PC-BSD Version 10.2. The release incorporates the FreeBSD 10.2 base system as the underlying OS. Other highlights of the release include the following:

  • A new CD-sized network installation medium, with Wifi Configuration via GUI
  • A new “Plugins” system for AppCafe, allowing download of pre-built jail environments
  • A switch to “iocage” for the jail management backend (replacing “warden”)
  • A new Enterprise (long-term support) package repository, which only has security updates, allowing users to run a server/desktop or jail with fairly consistent package versions
  • Improved fonts and better support for 4k monitor setups.

The release also features bug-fixes and improvements to Life Preserver replications; bug-fixes and enhancements to the installer for dual-boot setups; Disk Manager GUI now available via Installer GUI; improved localization options for Login Manager; options to enable / disable SSHD or IPv6 at installation; and improvements to the look and feel of AppCafe for package management.

Joe Maloney, a Senior Technology Administrator for Citizens Bank of Kansas and Volunteer Developer for PC-BSD, states, “I would highly recommend PC-BSD 10.2 to users everywhere who want a secure and easy to use open source experience. It has an excellent single control panel, includes tools to protect your privacy, and best of all it doesn’t spy on you. The new software center (AppCafe) is so easy to use my 5 year old daughter showed me how to use it! My personal favorite feature is the newest Lumina desktop environment which provides a truly fast, efficient, and stable desktop experience. Even better the newly offered CD sized install media has cut my downloading times down over alternatives. Since time is something I can never get back I find that valuable. Thanks for another great release.”

For more information or to download PC-BSD Version 10.2, please visit

About PC-BSD

PC-BSD® is a user friendly desktop Operating System based on FreeBSD. Known widely for its stability and security in server environments, FreeBSD provides an excellent base on which to build a desktop operating system. PC-BSD uses a host of popular open source window managers and uses a custom-tailored application installer that puts popular applications within easy reach of users.

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