OpenZFS Developer Summit 2022


November 4, 2022

The tenth annual OpenZFS Developer Summit took place on October 24-25 at the Children’s Creativity Museum in San Francisco, California. iX was a Gold sponsor of the event and also provided staff resources in the planning and delivery of the event. This developer summit hosts OpenZFS community members to foster collaboration and support ongoing projects. The conference was held in person with streaming available for remote attendees.

Photo Credit: Michael Dexter

The first day consisted of various talks and discussions. Day 2 was devoted to a hackathon, with plenty of opportunities to interact with fellow attendees.

Here is a list of presentations from Day 1:

Title Speaker Company Content
State of OpenZFS Matt Ahrens Delphix slides
Faster ZFS scrub and other improvements Alexander Motin iXsystems video
Storage Multi-Tenancy For Containers Allan Jude Klara Systems video
Shared L2ARC Christian Schwarz Nutanix video
Operating OpenZFS at scale Satabdi Das Amazon slides
Block Cloning for OpenZFS Pawel Jakub Dawidek Fudo Security slides
CHERI memory safety Brooks Davis SRI International slides
zvol performance Tony Hutter LLNL slides
Refining OpenZFS compression Rich Ercolani Independent video
Run ZFS in userland Ping Huang IOMesh video

For additional videos, visit the OpenZFS YouTube channel.

There were several interesting presentations at this year’s conference. iXsystems Engineering Fellow, Alexander Motin, presented the improvements to ZFS performance (Video | Slides) he worked on in 2022, which include ZFS Scrub Performance, Pool Import Time, and Speculative Prefetch. These efforts have reduced CPU usage and memory bandwidth on both metadata and data stages by more than 50% for both small and large blocks.

Allan Jude from Klara Systems also discussed his work on Enabling Storage Multi-Tenancy with ZFS for Containers (Video | Slides) where he reviewed prototypes in multi-tenant and container environments to continue to increase the capabilities of ZFS. Several presenters also shared their work on improvements, safety, and performance of OpenZFS.

The tremendous success and robust features of OpenZFS have also attracted more Enterprise vendors to use OpenZFS within their product suites. Amazon and Nutanix described their ZFS-based products. It was great to see this increase in OpenZFS adoption, competition, and new offerings leveraging OpenZFS.

Day 2 of the Summit consisted of a hackathon where experts including Alexander Motin presented some of the projects they have been working on. Topics ranged from demos, completed code, and improved documentation. Prizes were awarded to the top-rated sessions at the end of the event.

Lastly, this was the 10th anniversary of the OpenZFS Developer Summit and the attendees were excited to meet again and interact with each other in person for this special occasion. We wish the OpenZFS community many more years of collaboration, and we at iX fully support all community efforts to continuously improve ZFS.

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