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Hello FreeNAS Users,

Hope your summer is going great! It’s only been a month since we released FreeNAS 11 and there’s already a bunch of content from the community. We’ve got a quick roundup of some of the stuff that’s out there and we can’t wait to see what else you guys have planned!

The FreeNAS Team


How to Install FreeNAS 11
Need some help setting up FreeNAS 11? Our official installation guide for will help guide you through the entire process.
Watch now >>
Thoughts After Upgrading to FreeNAS 11
Brian Moses, the author of many FreeNAS builds and articles, recently made the jump to FreeNAS 11 to try out the new virtualization support and UI updates and shared his thoughts. Read more >>

FreeBSD Journal


Plex Battle OS – FreeNAS 11 vs FreeNAS 9.10
Byte My Bits pit FreeNAS 11 against the reigning champ FreeNAS 9.10 in a head-to-head battle to compare Plex performance. Did they crown a new winner? Watch the video to find out. Watch now >>
A Day in the LIfe – TrueNAS X10
Wanna see how the TrueNAS X10 gets created? You won’t want to miss this cool timelapse video that showcases the X10 build process every step of the way. Watch now >>
Getting Started with FreeNAS 11
Lawrence Systems explains how to set up users, shares, and snapshots in FreeNAS 11 with their great new installation video. Be sure to check it out! Watch now >>
On-Demand FreeNAS Training
iX University provides a series of online training modules presented by FreeNAS expert Michael Dexter that are designed to quickly get you up to speed on the key concepts and techniques that will help you become an expert in FreeNAS and OpenZFS. Read more >>
Why We Still Love ZFS (Part II) – Free Webinar
We invite you to join Michael W. Lucas and Allan Jude, the co-authors of FreeBSD Mastery: ZFS and Advanced ZFS, for a free webinar about ZFS. Learn about the benefits of ZFS and how it can help keep your data safe. Read more >>
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TechTip #43
FreeBSD OpenZFS Volumes can be imported into FreeNAS! Just remember that they may not have the default 2GB swap partition.
Join the Team
iXsystems, the company that sponsors FreeNAS, is looking for talented people to join our team. Interested? The full list of available positions can be found on our website.
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