New iXsystems Logo

iXsystems recently underwent a logo overhaul. After a solid fifteen year run, the oval blue surfboard with the beastie head above the “i” is being retired and has been replaced by a modernized version of the surfboard tilted on its side behind the iX™ with a sleek, updated “systems” typeface.

Why a new logo, you might ask? While many of us have a sense of nostalgia for the older logo, we had to be honest with ourselves that it looked a little bit dated in 2015. Our old paint-spattered surfboard logo has been shelved with our distant memories of hackin’ on FOSS in the good old days while catchin’ some tasty California waves.

oldix_logoWe’ll always hold those rebel days in our hearts, but we’ve been building enterprise storage and servers for businesses around the world for the last decade and a half. We’ve still contributed to Open Source software along the way; we’ve just done it in office buildings instead of basements and garages. We’ve come a long way since the humble beginnings in the 1990s, and we’re truly fortunate to find ourselves in a place where our corporate logo can transition to reflect our ever-evolving culture.

So, we’ve transitioned to something more modern that would accurately represent the current direction in which the company has been headed. This new design also gives us a natural iX™ logo mark (most people just call us iX™, after all) and makes our branding simpler, while still paying homage to the old “surfboard”. As we continue to expand our presence into the storage market, and continue to grow our server market share, we wanted a crisp, clean logo that scales and prints well and reflects the company we’ve grown to become.

newix_logoThis isn’t to say that we aren’t still “the FreeBSD company”. FreeBSD remains near and dear to our hearts, and that will never change. We continue to support and embrace FreeBSD and our various open source initiatives through our involvement in FreeBSD development contributions, financial donations, and our participation in various open source tradeshows. There’s also no end in sight for our continued development of the FreeNAS storage operating system and the PC-BSD desktop operating system. We’re still the same iXsystems, just…cooler looking! Or, at least more modern looking… 🙂

We hope you like our new logo as much as we do. Feel free to pass along any thoughts you have on our new look to:


Denise Ebery
Director, Public Relations