The New Experience


February 26, 2019


iXsystems has led the development of FreeNAS for many years now, and we want to take a moment to talk about some of our upcoming plans for the FreeNAS website and forums in 2019. In the past, we’ve kept projects that we sponsor separate, but this scatters content across the web and creates a disconnect. As our company continues to grow and sponsor new projects, it’s become apparent that it would be much easier to have one place to find information and discuss these iXsystems projects and products.
We are happy to announce that we’re building a new website and community experience to unite our various projects on and enable discussion of all of our projects and products in one place. To start, we’re in the process of migrating the FreeNAS Forums to reside on where we will expand the forums to include subforums for Project TrueCommand, TrueOS, and ZFS. We’ll also be migrating the blog content to be a part of the blog.
We hope you will join us for this exciting new chapter as we work to create a new and more cohesive website experience for everyone that uses an iXsystems product.
Joshua Smith, Community Manager 

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