iXsystems Receives Excellent Ratings and Great NPS scores from Large User and Customer Experience Surveys


May 23, 2022

More than 9 out of 10 users are highly satisfied with their TrueNAS experience

SAN JOSE, CA – May 23, 2022iXsystems®, an Open Source pioneer and the company behind TrueNAS, today announced very positive ratings from its users and customers across several key areas, including products, resources, and customer support. The 2022 TrueNAS User Satisfaction Survey is the largest audit of its kind undertaken by the company, involving more than 8,400 TrueNAS users and their experience with community support and resources. The 2022 TrueNAS Enterprise Customer Experience Survey involved hundreds of companies that have chosen systems and support from iX.

As the company behind TrueNAS, iX relies on collaboration and feedback from the TrueNAS Open Source community of >250K users. This input builds the backlog from which issues are resolved and software feature requests are prioritized. One of the company’s core values is “pursue kaizen” or continuous improvement, which the company strives to apply to both TrueNAS products and the people at iX that create and support them. 

A large number of respondents completing the survey had very positive sentiments when discussing TrueNAS, such as:

  • “We have used FreeNAS / TrueNAS for 6 years in our company. We have found it to be efficient, reliable, and economical. I am glad I discovered it and have been able to incorporate it into the IT structures in our business.”
  • “TrueNAS saved my life. In August 2021, my client was on fire. Two months before, I made a disaster recovery plan with TrueNAS. All the data was saved – thanks to FreeBSD, ZFS, rsync, and TrueNAS!!!!”
  • “TrueNAS as a whole is amazing for a large number of use cases. Moved from ESXi and a self-configured NAS to just using TrueNAS SCALE for both service hosting, VM hosting, and as a NAS. And it’s awesome how it holds up to everything.”

“Thinking people before profit, we build and package TrueNAS in ways our users prefer to consume and deploy the technology,” said Mario Blandini, Vice President of Marketing for iX. “With improvements recently released in TrueNAS 13.0 and TrueNAS SCALE (22.02.1), we encourage all organizations to freely experience TrueNAS for themselves, to see which of their workloads work well atop Open Source unified storage.”

Findings of the surveys revealed the following:

  • 93% of respondents indicated a good to excellent overall experience with TrueNAS
  • 88% of respondents reported good to excellent experience using TrueNAS Enterprise systems
  • 85% of those surveyed said that their overall experience working with the iX sales team was good to excellent
  • 84% reported a good to excellent experience when working with the iX technical support team
  • 80% of respondents said they were likely to recommend TrueNAS to a friend or colleague

Among any neutral to negative experiences provided by users, issues with hardware compatibility were most commonly reported as an opportunity for continued improvement. This challenge is common to all software-defined storage solutions whether open or proprietary. In collaboration with the TrueNAS Community, iX maintains comprehensive TrueNAS hardware guidelines to assist community users in selecting suitable hardware that also matches the compatibility lists of the upstream operating systems. The company exclusively offers support on its TrueNAS Enterprise appliances that are designed by iX for optimal reliability, high availability, price / performance, and of course, zero concerns with hardware compatibility. 

The Open Source development model of TrueNAS results in ultimate transparency for code, software roadmap, and documentation as part of the company’s promise of true Data Freedom. As the world’s most deployed storage software, the quality, performance, and security of TrueNAS has been tested and proven in Enterprise IT environments across a great diversity of systems worldwide. With a “great” Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 64.8 that is approaching a coveted “excellent” range, anyone evaluating IT infrastructure can expect a positive experience with TrueNAS, even if they have never previously used an Open Source product.

“While our competition focuses on the concerns of Wall Street or their VC and PE investors, we obsess over the thoughts and needs of our user and customer community,” said Brett Davis, Executive Vice President for iX. “We earn business by helping users discover true Data Freedom with TrueNAS Open Storage, and our incredible growth over these past several years has proven that strategy to be altogether valid, unique, and desirable. These surveys will ensure we keep evolving a product that not only protects their data, but does it in a way that customers love to use and continue to promote to their friends and colleagues.”

About iXsystems and TrueNAS

iX is an Open Source pioneer and the company behind TrueNAS, the world’s most deployed storage software. Used by millions, TrueNAS has laid the foundation for the Open Storage Era so that all organizations can access the benefits of true Data Freedom. TrueNAS enables users to harness the power of the legendary ZFS file system and provides unified and hyperconverged storage for private and cloud datacenters, with the reliability and performance demanded by virtualization, backup, and other data-intensive workloads. Thousands of organizations around the world have chosen TrueNAS Enterprise systems and support from iX to scale-up or scale-out their infrastructure while leveraging Open Source economics.

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