iXsystems Introduces TrueNAS Z50 TrueFlash with HGST Solid State Drives at VMWorld


August 25, 2014

TrueNAS Model Pairs the Performance of HGST Solid State Drives with the Power of ZFS and Takes Aim at Virtualization Market

iXsystems unveils its TrueNAS Z50, also known as TrueFlash, to the public for the first time at VMworld 2014. TrueFlash is a new TrueNAS model designed and developed to make the utmost use of its Intelligent Compression and Deduplication features by leveraging HGST Enterprise Solid State Drive (SSD) technology. TrueFlash provides highly available, consistently high-performance storage at three to four times lower total cost of ownership compared to an equivalently-performing spinning disk or hybrid solution.
TrueFlash is designed to be used in heterogeneous VMware environments. Thanks to the block-level compression and deduplication features of TrueNAS, TrueFlash is able to reduce primary storage needs by five to fifteen times. This allows up to 300TB of storage to be kept on HGST SSDs in a single enclosure, greatly reducing the complexity of deployment and maintenance. A comparable spinning disk solution would require hundreds of drives, and vastly greater complexity, maintenance, power, and space, resulting in a three to four times reduction in total cost of ownership and at least a two times reduction compared to competing all-flash solutions.
Josh Paetzel, Director of Engineering at iXsystems, says, “TrueFlash is our most advanced TrueNAS appliance to date and a huge win for businesses that rely heavily on virtualized environments. From the high-performance HGST flash storage to the iXsystems software, everything works together seamlessly to make TrueFlash a contender for the best price to performance ratio at VMworld.”
Along with the logistical advantages, TrueFlash provides consistently lower latency than traditional VM storage solutions. With no chance of any given IO going to a spinning disk, VMware environments backed by TrueFlash can rely on the consistent sub-millisecond performance of SSD, even when accessing cold data.
“iXsystems’s selection of HGST’s SAS SSDs for the TrueNAS Z50 TrueFlash continues to validate HGST as a leader in delivering new levels of acceleration for data intensive enterprise applications,” said Ulrich Hansen, Vice President of SSD Product Marketing, HGST. “By incorporating the HGST SAS SSDs, the iXsystems TrueNAS TrueFlash system receives robust and consistent high performance coupled with the HGST’s enterprise-grade write endurance.”
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