iXsystems Introduces TrueNAS Enterprise F-Series All-NVMe Appliances and TrueNAS SCALE 23.10


November 14, 2023

Third Major Version of TrueNAS Software on Linux and New High Availability
All-Flash Appliances Now Available for High-Throughput, Low-Latency Storage Workloads

San Jose, CA, November 14, 2023iXsystems®, the company behind TrueNAS, today announced the general availability of its new performance flagship series of storage appliances, the TrueNAS Enterprise F-Series, along with the latest release of TrueNAS SCALE (23.10) software. These all-NVMe models were designed for maximum performance, reliability, and density to serve the most demanding workloads, while offering significant reductions in power, space, and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). With 30TB NVMe drives, a single 2U system supports 720TB of highly-available storage.

TrueNAS F100

TrueNAS F-Series appliances ship with TrueNAS Enterprise 23.10. With the latest generation hardware and software, IT organizations have a new choice to address demanding performance requirements while enjoying the benefits of Open Source economics. The new solution from iXsystems supports data-intensive use cases including AI/ML, containerization , virtualization, content creation/editing, database servers, gaming, and more. This new series has been eagerly awaited by the company’s thousands of global customers in enterprise, government, healthcare, service provider,  media creation, education, research and any organization in need of high-performance storage for their critical data.

TrueNAS F-Series Storage Highlights:

  • Two models to choose from: F100 with 30GB/s bandwidth per node and F60 with 20GB/s bandwidth per node
  • High-performance: NVMe-powered storage for low latency and bandwidths greater than 20GB/s
  • Next-Generation Hardware: Designed to provide unrivaled resilience and drive density
  • Superior Scalability: The F-Series easily scales from a few terabytes to 720TB in only 2U, meeting a wide range of user requirements. Both scale-up and scale-out technologies can be used to increase capacity
  • High Availability: Dual-controller architecture provides continuous accessibility, preventing data downtime
  • Maximum data mobility: The TrueNAS F-Series provides vast connectivity options to maximize interoperability
  • Future-Ready Design: Built for modern business applications and the challenges they present

The TrueNAS M-Series remains the versatile and high-capacity system for hybrid, flash, and HDD requirements in the portfolio. The M-Series and F-Series systems both run the same TrueNAS Enterprise 23.10 software with compatible features and a common WebUI.

“Support for demanding workloads is the top reason organizations are looking for NVMe storage, and part of choosing NVMe is to future-proof their environment,” said Dave Raffo, Senior Analyst at The Futurum Group. “With high-performance appliances at a fraction of the
price of many NVMe systems, TrueNAS Enterprise is an increasingly interesting choice for
organizations to consider.”

Pool wizard

TrueNAS Enterprise 23.10 is available across the iXsystems appliance portfolio, offering storage, compute, and container solutions for a flexible feature-rich storage environment. The Linux-based platform uniquely offers KVM virtualization, native container support, Kubernetes integration, and the ability to scale up to 1,200 drives and 25PB+ in a single system. The highly-evolved TrueNAS data platform emphasizes scalability and high-availability, boasting a scale-up or scale-out architecture built on the robust OpenZFS 2.2 filesystem. This ensures top-notch data integrity and advanced storage features to meet the most data-intensive business needs.

Highlights of TrueNAS Enterprise 23.10 include:

  • Upgraded to OpenZFS 2.2 with multiple iXsystems contributions
  • Upgraded to Linux Kernel 6.1 with improved hardware support
  • Improved application UI
  • Enhanced storage pool UI
  • ZFS Block Cloning (Deduplication) for SMB and NFS file copies
  • ZFS dRAID Pool Layouts

“The unveiling of TrueNAS Enterprise 23.10 and the TrueNAS F-Series Storage line emphasizes our relentless drive to offer leading-edge, open-source storage solutions,” said Morgan Littlewood, Senior Vice President of Product Management for iXsystems. “We are excited about the value these solutions will bring to users as they support the industry’s most demanding Media and Entertainment (M&E) and IT workloads.”


Both TrueNAS Enterprise F-series appliances and TrueNAS SCALE 23.10 are now available for users and enterprises to explore. TrueNAS SCALE 23.10 is free to download and TrueNAS F-Series pricing varies based on the configuration of each system.

For more information on TrueNAS F-Series or our other products, please contact iX.

About iXsystems and TrueNAS

iX is an Open Source pioneer and the company behind TrueNAS, the world’s most deployed storage software. Relied upon by millions in all 195 countries, TrueNAS is an award-winning universal data platform used by a majority of Fortune 500TM companies. The platform harnesses the power of the legendary ZFS file system to provide scale-up or scale-out unified storage with the reliability and performance demanded by virtualization, backup, and many other data-heavy workloads. As an alternative to legacy storage systems that are proprietary, restrictive, and often overpriced, TrueNAS helps organizations modernize how they store and protect data by leveraging open storage to simplify operations and drastically reduce cost.

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