iXsystems’ FreeNAS snapshot

Yesterday, iXsystems upload a snapshot of their new FreeNAS release on the SVN.
The new FreeNAS is based on nanoBSD, then here are all the steps for generate the disk image of this release (from a FreeBSD 8.1 amd64).
Refer to the README file for more information.

cd /usr/src/tools/tools/nanobsd
svn co https://freenas.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/freenas/experimental/ix freenas
cd freenas 

Then for build the 64bit release:

sh ../../nanobsd.sh -c freenas64.conf

Of for build the 32 bit release:

sh ../../nanobsd.sh -c freenas32.conf

The resulted disk image will be found in:

(Don’t forget to copy the disk image in other place and before a reboot if you have the ‘clear_tmp_enable=”YES”‘ in you rc.conf!)
Cross-compilation of a 32bit release should be possible, but didn’t works for the moment (stop during compile of ports/net/unison).

The generated image can only boot from the first IDE device (/dev/ad0s1a) because of original nanoBSD script limitation (removed in BSDRP).

If you would test it from an USB key, first step is to copy it on your key (/dev/da0 for this example):

dd if=_.disk.full of=/dev/da0 bs=128k

And we need to adapt it, first by setting glabel on each partitions:

glabel label cfg /dev/da0s3
glabel label data /dev/da0s4

glabel label freenas /dev/da0s1a

Then mount the root filesystem of the FreeNAS:

mount /dev/label/freenas /mnt

And add this line to boot/loader.conf (it’s a FreeBSD 8.1 boot from usb «feature»):

Modify the etc/fstab like that:
/dev/label/freenas / ufs ro 1 1
/dev/label/cfg /cfg ufs rw,noauto 2 2
/dev/label/data /data ufs rw 2 2

And at last, modify conf/default/etc/remount too:

mount -o ro /dev/label/cfg

Unmount the key:

umount /mnt

Now you can try to boot from your usb key (login: root, no password).
FreeNAS is configured as DHCP client, you can try to connect to the very experimental WebGUI, but as wrote in the readme, this first snapshot is only a testing of the «base» system.


  1. Gary Sims (aka The Hungry Penguin)

    Congratulations… Any chance of someone posting a disk image for those of us who can’t (or don’t want to) build it ourselves?

    Thanks, Gary

  2. Varun

    Is there any way of getting a VMWare or similar image for those of us who want to see how its progress, but don’t have the necessary tools (or skills!) to build the image itself? Thanks!

  3. Jason

    SO for 32bit system would we only need to change sh ../../nanobsd.sh -c freenas64 to sh ../../nanobsd.sh -c freenas?

  4. Marcus

    where is the changelog? 🙂

  5. Ifredo

    Did someone already create a bootable.iso ? (I am having difficulties with the img file Louis K has posted..)


  6. Olivier

    “Did someone already create a bootable.iso ?”
    There is no ISO image: This new FreeNAS concept is based on NanoBSD that need to be copied (with dd) directly to the final media (usb flash, compact flash, etc…).

  7. MenacingM

    Hey guys… of topic question

    Will the new version of FreeNAS/FreeBSD 8.1 support Realtek RTL8111C on board gigabit NICs?

    I’m using this board for my FreeNAS:

    But… I can’t turn on jumbo frames due to a driver limitation. Jumbo frames works on Linux and Windows so I know it’s not a hardware limitation. I can’t find a definitive answer on RTL8111C and FreeBSD8.1.

  8. Ifredo

    apologies for perhaps asking a stupid question: I dd’d the image from Louis to a usb drive. Upon booting the choices are F1 , F2 and F5 where F1 is freebsd. But whatever I type: it just echoes a # for every keystroke. Tried on 2 different pc’s same result. Am I missing something ?

  9. Tres`ni

    Oliver (or anyone else) – is it possible to use/copy this disk image into a VMWare machine. I’d really like to make sure that my RSS extension continues to work, which to my understanding means porting to Python now. Be great to have some idea what’s going on and I don’t have a spare machine I can just drop this on.

  10. Derek

    I am having trouble making the VDI, IMG, etc. How can I do this from within FreeBSD?


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