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July 22, 2002

NOTE: This is historical content that may contain outdated information.

On Monday July the 22nd 2002 iXsystems team members Matt Olander, Michael Lauth, and Seth Kingsley were invited to attend a live showing of ‘The Screen Savers’ on Tech TV, a national technology network.

The Executive Producer met them in the lobby and asked “did anyone contact you about being on the show?” Matt stated they had not, and the producer said “we may introduce you at the end of the show and have a few minutes to discuss FreeBSD with the hosts Leo Leporte and Patrick Norton so be ready.” Fortunately, Matt Olander, Michael Lauth, and Daemonoligist Seth Kingsley had come prepared with FreeBSD collectibles from FreeBSDMall to give out to the staff.

When they entered the studio they were met by the hosts Leo Laporte and Patrick Norton and gave them each a pair of FreeBSD Boxer shorts, some daemon horns, shirts, FreeBSD handbooks and software. They also gave Morgan Web a pair of daemon horns to wear and Martin Sargent a pair of the boxer shorts and plush daemon dolls to the rest of The Screen Savers staff.

The Executive Producer, Leo and Patrick decided that the iXsystems crew would come on in the closing minutes of the show. Matt, Michael, and Seth trooped up on to the set to chat with Patrick and Leo. Matt was given a microphone and selected to lead the discussion. A brief dialog ensued about the changes at BSDi (now iXsystems) and the groups current endeavor, iXsystems. Patrick asked “why use FreeBSD over Linux?” and Matt immediately answered that “FreeBSD has over 20 years of development and arguably the best TCP/IP stack available today and that you can run just about anything on FreeBSD that you can run on Linux.” He also went on to say that they had just completed an install of Oracle for Linux on a FreeBSD system and that it ran faster than on Linux. More back and forth questions about the FreeBSD kernel and it’s advantages completed the interview. Matt did get in a quip that Patrick was ‘Hotter’ than Kate Botello, whom he replaced on the Screen Savers show. This got a good laugh on the set.

After the show, the iXsystems trio had a chance to continue their discussions with Leo and Patrick and brain-stormed about doing a full segment discussing the advantages and uses of FreeBSD on future shows and possibly even a shoot out with Linux. “FreeBSD deserves a place on TechTV” stated Olander. Leo and Patrick ended by autographing the back of Lauth’s FreeBSD shirt. Leo’s quote “FreeBSD Rocks” and Patrick’s “Geek on!” The three said that “the entire cast and crew of Screen Savers were pleasant and professional making their experience a truly memorable one.” Stay Tuned to TechTV for more about FreeBSD from iXsystems on ‘The Screen Savers’ show.

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