iXsystems Announces Next Generation iSCSI and NAS Storage Appliances


May 15, 2006

NOTE: This is historical content that may contain outdated information.

iXsystems announced the release of a new iSCSI storage solution that allows for flexible single-server storage expansion on the fly. The Titan 2120i provides the security, scalability, and flexibility advantages of IP-SAN at a low total cost of ownership.

The Titan 2120i features a 2U form factor; 12 hot swap drive bays; up to 9 terabytes of data storage capacity; Web UI for simple management; Redundant power option; Command Line Interface (CLI); Up to 4000 Snapshots; E-mail Notification; LUN Masking; and a Monitoring Utility.

The iXsystems Titan 2120i delivers cost-effective storage consolidation for single-server systems in a familiar IP networking environment. With the Titan 2120i you get the flexibility, functionality, and performance you need for cost-effective e-mail and database consolidation. “The infrastructure for IP-SAN is typically already in place so we’re very excited to make an offering that brings this technology into an affordable range for small and medium businesses,” says CTO Matt Olander. “By attaching the Titan 2120i to their database, e-mail, or web servers, our customers can continue adding storage space to existing network infrastructures.”

iXsystems also announced a Network-Attached Storage (NAS) solution that allows for flexible, on the fly storage expansion for multi-server systems. The Titan 2120n is capable of serving data to many servers or clients at one time. The Titan 2120n provides security, scalability, and flexibility at a low total cost of ownership.

The Titan 2120n includes a 2U form factor; 12 hot swap drive bays; up to 9 terabytes of data storage capacity; browser-Based UI for simple management; Advanced Journaling File System for enhanced reliability; Integrated RAID Support; Up to 4000 Snapshots; and a Monitoring Utility.

About iXsystems

iXsystems, headquartered in Silicon Valley, provides FreeBSD and Linux based Internet infrastructure grade rackmount servers for open source, network appliances, enterprise blade servers, and storage products to a global market. The iXsystems management team consists of former executives and employees from BSDi.

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