iXsystems and Netsoft team up to deliver a hardware firewall and bandwidth management appliance


August 1, 2003

NOTE: This is historical content that may contain outdated information.

Recognizing that security is a paramount concern at corporations both large and small, iXsystems and Netsoft have formed a strategic alliance to market a world class hardware firewall and bandwidth management security appliance.

The appliance, called AstroFlowGuard (AFG), is a rapid deployment 1U rackmount with an integrated LCD panel that allows network parameters to be quickly and easily entered. The intuitive and secure browser based interface allows for instant configuration and management of the firewall, intrusion detection system, intrusion prevention system, VPN server, and bandwidth limiting.

An unmanaged IP network handles traffic on a FIFO (first in, first out) basis,” comments Tarquin Douglass, CEO of NetSoft. “This may be acceptable when a network is unsaturated, but as traffic increases, network efficiency decreases. This is one of the many problems solved with AstroFlowGuard. Once the unit is deployed, network efficiency begins to increase immediately.

We’re very excited to help bring this product to market,” states Michael Lauth, CEO of iXsystems. “iXsystems and NetSoft are a perfect fit, marrying cutting edge technology and innovative software development. The ability to manage the network traffic creates greater efficiency in any office environment and immediately impacts the bottom line.

The system also has built in automatic redundant fail-over capabilities and a worldwide network providing transparent system updates over the internet. Combined with a bundled next day onsite technical support warranty, the security appliance is ready to be deployed in critical network infrastructures where downtime is not an option due to equipment failure or network intrusion attempts.

Preventing network intrusion attempts and managing bandwidth on a network doesn’t have to be expensive or complex,” says Matt Olander, CTO of iXsystems. “AstroFlowGuard can be set up on a complex network in minutes and provides immediate and powerful management functionality to protect against attacks.

AstroFlowGuard alleviates the need for manual browsing of system logs with its unparalleled reporting engine. View graphs of traffic by protocol, by IP address, or even by live traffic usage. The firewall log breaks down overall violations, rejected hosts, port scans, ping floods, etc. Intrusion detection and prevention logs are detailed and provide a quick overview of intrusion attempts. The logs can be viewed live and sent via email to the appropriate people.
While convening at a summit meeting in the UK, Roger Verma, President of iXsystems, discussed global marketing efforts for the new line of products that will result from this relationship. “Today’s global economy is more accessible than ever before,” Roger relates. “Now, with combined offices in the United States, South Africa, and the UK, we will be able to market and support our products more effectively than ever before.”

About NetSoft, Inc.

NetSoft,Inc develops world class software solutions for the control and protection of IP networks, delivered in appliance form or internet delivered downloadable software. NetSoft is a Software Developer that answers the needs of small to large businesses, local, regional and national organizations and educational institutions the world over. NetSoft,Inc is a division of Nyala Communications CC, which hosts South Africa Online and Ionet/Astronet. With these connections, all products are rigorously tested in open market conditions, and only released after meeting stringent standards of approval. Furthermore, all products are created from market needs and designed to meet those needs in a practical and user friendly manner.
For more information:
Visit the website: www.netsoft.co.za
Send an email:  support@netsoft.co.za

About iXsystems, Inc.

iXsystems provides internet infrastructure grade rackmount servers, security appliances, and managed hosting to a global marketplace. The iXsystems management team consists of executives and employees from BSDi and iXsystems. iXsystems goal is to provide leading edge hardware solutions and managed hosting on open source operating systems including FreeBSD and Linux. iXsystems has developed optimized web servers, email servers and file servers to meet customer needs. New products include a variety of security appliances including a hardware firewall with intrusion detection, an anti SPAM appliance, and a DNS Manager.

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Phone: (408)943-4100
Visit the website: www.iXsystems.com
Send an email: info@ixsystems.com

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