Investing in Communities: The Aubri Brown Club


May 19, 2022


At iXsystems, we are purpose-first and think of people before profit. In addition to what we give to the Open Source community, we also take pleasure in investing in our communities. This blog series highlights those valuable causes we donated to in 2021 and 2022, to do our part in helping those that need assistance in our own neighborhoods and beyond.


Nothing can be worse for a parent than losing a child. Several years ago, the Brown family experienced this tragedy but managed to emerge from the darkness with the support of their friends and family. Not all families are as lucky and need additional emotional and financial assistance. In memory of their late daughter, Curtis and Ami Brown created a way to help these families during their toughest times and help them on their journey to healing and recovery.

“Our sincere thanks to iXsystems for their constant support and sponsorship. Throughout the years, their contributions have extended a helping hand to so many families who have lost a child. We hope more people will share the same generosity and contribute to providing a path to lighter and brighter days ahead.” – Ami Brown, The Aubri Brown Club

Dealing with a loss is never easy and sometimes, people just need that extra help. This is why iXsystems supports the efforts of the Brown family as they help more families who have experienced a similar hardship to get back on their feet again.

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“Helping families who have lost a child, in practical, emotional, and financial ways.”

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