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It’s a new year, so let’s hit the ground running. This month, we are rolling out a series of TrueNAS webinars. We also feature an updated video tutorial for 9.3, a user-submitted FreeNAS build, and focus on a feature of FreeNAS: VAAI support.

The FreeNAS Team
5 Reasons Why TrueNAS is replacing NetApp and EMC – Free Webinar
What’s the difference between FreeNAS and TrueNAS? For the answer, we invite you to join Matt Olander, Co-Founder of iXsystems, in a free webinar about TrueNAS. Find out why people are making the switch from big-name, legacy storage vendors to TrueNAS.  Read more >>
FreeNAS 9.3 Shares Overview (includes WebDAV)
We have an updated tutorial video for setting up shares in FreeNAS 9.3 including the new WebDAV protocol. Check it out here.

FreeBSD Journal


DIY NAS: 2015 Edition by Brian Moses
Brian Moses is back with another great, in-depth DIY NAS build. This particular system focuses on performance and has more features than his previous builds. We highly recommend giving this (and his other builds) a read. As a bonus, he’s giving the system away to one lucky person!
VMware VAAI Support in FreeNAS 9.3
iXsystems worked with FreeBSD developers to add additional VMware VAAI primitives to the iSCSI protocol in FreeBSD. This feature was included in FreeNAS 9.3, which now supports all 7 VAAI Block primitives, allowing FreeNAS to integrate better with VMware deployments. Read more >>
FreeNAS Certification Classes
We now offer a free Intro to FreeNAS class that runs every day. For those of you interested in learning more about advanced topics, we also offer paid, fully interactive classes. Read more >>
Upcoming Live Events

  • January 31 – February 1, 2015FOSDEM in Brussels, Belgium
  • February 16-19FAST ’15 in Santa Clara, California
  • February 19-22SCaLE 13x in LA, California
  • March 12-15AsiaBSDCon in Tokyo, Japan
TechTip #13
You can use the FreeNAS 9.3 boot environment clone feature to try out experimental updates without risking your main configuration.
Join the Team
iXsystems, the company that sponsors FreeNAS, is looking for a few good people to join our team. Interested? The full list of available positions can be found on our website.
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