Choosing a Server from iXsystems


December 12, 2023

Odds are you know that iXsystems offers TrueNAS Enterprise storage appliances. But did you know that iX also offers top-rated servers for a variety of use cases?

Finding the perfect server for your business can be a challenging task but thankfully, iXsystems offers a user-friendly interface that simplifies the process. This blog will walk you through the steps to easily browse iXsystems’ servers.

iXsystems Servers

Searching for Servers:

Start by visiting the iXsystems homepage at From there, locate the main navigation menu at the top of the page and select “Servers.” Hovering over the option will also allow you to choose from rackmount, high density, and GPU servers. If you want to refine your search to align with your organization’s needs, use the filtering options available on the left-hand side of the page.

Once you find a server that catches your interest, click on its name or image to access the detailed product page. Take your time to review the details provided and when you have questions or want to learn more, our team of experts will be standing by with answers.

Trussworks LLC, a US based construction company, shared their experience with TrueNAS servers. “iXsystems sells servers? I’ve been used to going back and forth with server vendors who push what they want vs. offer what I ask for. iX gave me the right quote at the right price, without the usual vendor games.” – Greg Bilby, IT Manager, Trussworks LLC. You can read more about how Trussworks LLC deploys TrueNAS Enterprise here.

The New NVIDIA H200:

The new NVIDIA H200 is great for use cases that require graphic intensive workloads, deep data analytics, data intensive rendering, or any other use case that needs accelerated workflows. With twice the performance of its previous generation, the NVIDIA H200 is ideal for generative AI, LLM, and provides vast improvements in AI inference performance. Most of the competing vendors out there would bind you to a strict lock-in, but with iXsystems’ servers, you can count on using your NVIDIA H200 however and whenever your organization needs it with a great support team to help in case you ever need it.

We’re Here to Help

iXsystems is an employee-owned and operated, Open Source-centric, customer focused organization, dedicated to providing the highest quality built-to-order enterprise rackmount server solutions, pre-configured servers, and scalable storage appliances to our customers around the globe.

For more information about our servers, contact iXsystems at (408) 943-4100 or visit our website and fill out the inquiry form. One of our expert sales professionals will provide you with a customized quote that best meets your solution needs.

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