A Bigger FreeNAS Mini?


The FreeNAS Mini has been a popular product for home and small office use since it launched in 2013. Since then, the consumption and storage of user data has grown exponentially. Think about it, 4K TVs were just launching at that point. Now 4K is in drones, point and shoot cameras and we strap 4K cameras to baby heads (yes, we all did it after we saw the commercial).

The Mini’s enterprise class hardware addresses those growing data demands which include running a ZFS file system, transcoding multiple video streams through Plex seamlessly, and managing redundancy with ease (not to mention countless more). But the current Mini offers four bays and sometimes that isn’t enough.

So that got us thinking, is a bigger Mini better? What could you do with a bigger Mini? More drives mean more storage space for your data. More drives mean more RAID configurations for better redundancy and performance…and one of our loyal customers thinks more blinking lights would be cool too.

We agree!

We have been working long and hard on a product that we feel addresses the need for more storage—a bigger FreeNAS Mini. That product is set to launch in early April and to lead up to its launch, you will see us start to pull the covers off the all-new FreeNAS Mini. Please keep tabs on us on social media over the next few weeks to get up-to-date information on the new, bigger, better FreeNAS Mini.


  1. Steve

    I think this is a great idea. I’m still putting my build together, it’s taking a little time. Four three tb drive aren’t quite enough,so another month. I love reading about new products and ideas.

  2. Eric

    Oh yeah baby! Call it the “Big Mini” 😉

    8 bays, 8 bays!!


  3. Mike

    I’d put my money on it being called the FreeNAS Mini XL! 🙂

    • adam


  4. Darren

    Very nice.. Hope we can pick one up in Australia

  5. Wes

    Awesome, some detailed specs would be fantastic

  6. Roger Osborne

    It only tooks 21 months since I asked the David V. from iXsystems about a bigger mini and finally it (might) be here – woot ! Thanks again David for the T-shirt !

    +1 for wanting to get one in Australia

    Keep up the great work !

  7. mauirixxx

    Ahhh if only this was available when I bought our 24TB mini to act as our photo server!

    Crossing fingers, toes and eyes for an 8 bay version 😉

  8. Patrick Wingert

    We need racing stripes and a white box with Free NAS Blue racing stripes!

  9. Patrick Wingert

    I think four drive bays is enough. Having said that I would use Seagates new 10Tb drives in them. ix needs to put a rush on qualifying the new Seagate TB drives. The other thing I would like to see for the corporate and business side is to qualify the new WD Gold Drives for FreeNAS. This would allow for the creation of small data centers. Once dockers is operational on FreeNAS (Much like UnRaid) then it becomes functional for corporate use and gives ixS a bridgehead into the small DC market for operations of 25-50 employees.

    My strategy is to have multiple NAS Units on their own switch (A poor mans SAN) and then divide the work load. One NAS for backup, One for media storage, one for video and one for long term archival storage. The reason for their own switch is so that I can move stuff between them in bulk without tying up the client network. I have always subscribed to the more rather than bigger philosophy. This is not the least expensive solution but it gives me good value for partitioning my data and not over-subscribing the hardware or network resources.


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