A Bigger FreeNAS Mini?


March 11, 2016

The FreeNAS Mini has been a popular product for home and small office use since it launched in 2013. Since then, the consumption and storage of user data has grown exponentially. Think about it, 4K TVs were just launching at that point. Now 4K is in drones, point and shoot cameras and we strap 4K cameras to baby heads (yes, we all did it after we saw the commercial).
The Mini’s enterprise class hardware addresses those growing data demands which include running a ZFS file system, transcoding multiple video streams through Plex seamlessly, and managing redundancy with ease (not to mention countless more). But the current Mini offers four bays and sometimes that isn’t enough.
So that got us thinking, is a bigger Mini better? What could you do with a bigger Mini? More drives mean more storage space for your data. More drives mean more RAID configurations for better redundancy and performance…and one of our loyal customers thinks more blinking lights would be cool too.
We agree!
We have been working long and hard on a product that we feel addresses the need for more storage—a bigger FreeNAS Mini. That product is set to launch in early April and to lead up to its launch, you will see us start to pull the covers off the all-new FreeNAS Mini. Please keep tabs on us on social media over the next few weeks to get up-to-date information on the new, bigger, better FreeNAS Mini.

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