System Configuration and Remote Services

Experts at iX are available to assist and support deployments of TrueNAS Enterprise appliances in demanding IT environments. Let our team of deployment specialists fine-tune and optimize your TrueNAS appliance for improved performance, protection, and functionality. Reduce your deployment costs and risks by leveraging our decades of experience developing and supporting TrueNAS.

System Configuration and Remote Services

  • All Systems and Expansion Shelves
  • Network Configuration and Topology
  • Pool and Dataset Layout
  • IPMI Connectivity for All Controllers
  • Cabling Verification
  • Verify TrueNAS Enterprise WebUI Connectivity
  • Configuration Sheet Review

WebUI and Feature Overview

  • Dashboard and Reporting
  • System Tasks

Hostname, Gateway, NTP Servers, and Nameserver Validation

Provisioning and Administrative Information

  • Root user email and information
  • Outgoing Mail Server Configuration
  • Testing of Alert Functionality
  • Proactive Support Demonstration and Training

Advanced Alerting and Support Features

  • Overview of Alerting Customization Options
  • Support Overview – Ticketing and Debugs
  • SNMP Provisioning
  • High Availability (HA) / Failover Schema Validation
  • Enable and Verify High Availability Functionality

Additional Networking Interface Configuration

Verification and Provisioning of Storage

  • Pool Import and Disk Health
  • Disk Array Overview (RAID Type / Hot Spares)
  • Native ZFS Encryption and SED Overview
  • Create All Datasets and Zvols
  • Configure Periodic Snapshots and Tasks

Provision Directory Services

  • Identity Mapping (idmap) Validation
  • Trusted Domains Configuration
  • Bind System to Preferred Domain
  • Verify Active Directory or LDAP Connection(s)

Provision Shares and Sharing Services

  • Configure SMB, NFS, iSCSI Protocols
  • Connectivity and Functionality Validation
  • TrueNAS Enterprise Software Updates and Validation

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