iX Software Services

At iX, spreading the world of open source through our storage and servers is our passion. Our Open Source experts can bring out peak performance, security, and stability in your servers with years of experience. iX professionals can install and configure any Open Source operating system you choose. Any Open Source software you need can even be installed and optimized for your system before the servers reach your datacenter. After your servers arrive, iX experts will further optimize your software to work with the systems and networks already in place so that servers are ready to deploy. Bring your datacenter to life with the quality of Open Source and the dedication of our open source software professionals!

OS Installation and Configuration

iX servers are powered by Open Source operating systems. Open Source operating systems offer superior levels of security, flexibility, and performance, making them perfect candidates for server use.

Our team of experts specialize in open source software and can install and configure the open source OS of your choosing to your servers. Many iX professionals are FreeBSD and PC-BSD® contributors and are experts in the installation and use of these operating systems. We’ll work with you to discuss your needs and the open source OS best suited to your server platform.


Server virtualization is a proven technology that enables multiple virtual machines to run on a single physical server. Each virtual machine is completely isolated from other virtual machines and is decoupled from the underlying host by a thin layer of software known as a hypervisor.

This allows each virtual machine to run different operating systems and applications. Because the machines have been decoupled from the underlying host, the guest can also be moved from one physical server host to another without disconnecting; this is known as live migration. These attributes are transforming how organizations approach virtual computing. iX products support common hypervisors such as vSphere, XenServer, Hyper-V, bhyve, KVM and VirtualBox and TrueNAS has been certified by Citrix, Microsoft and VMware.


From optimizing your small office set-up to guidance on large-scale deployments, the iX team can ensure you get the most from your PC-BSD® and FreeBSD systems. With the experience of our on-staff FreeBSD contributors and committers, we’re ready to serve any development need.

Software Configuration

Software setup doesn’t end at installation. If you have additional special needs for your software configuration or just want everything to be ready to go out of the box, iX is ready to help.

When a deployment needs us to go above and beyond, our developers and software experts will create the solution you need, in exactly the way you need it.

iX Deployment Services

Oftentimes, having a specific Open Source operating system or Open Source software isn’t enough. Open Source operating systems are very flexible in what you can do with them, allowing for unique layouts and customizations that will make their use easier.

Configuring software to the specifications of your servers will allow them to run better as well. The iX team of professionals understands the complexities of fine-tuning a server’s software and OS to deliver the highest level of performance and functionality possible to your server or data storage solution. We can customize the look and feel of your graphical interface as well as configure all of your software settings to work as harmoniously as possible with your custom server hardware. We help reduce your deployment risk by leveraging our decades of experience


iX focuses on innovations that deliver a constant stream of new ideas, providing solutions with powerful capabilities needed by every business organization.

The most demanding network users make continually challenging and fast-growing demands on technology and network solutions provide the best ways to meet those demands.


Great hardware isn’t enough; to really make the most of your resources, you need software that can analyze and optimize your infrastructure from moment to moment. iX is ready and able to assist you in deploying these complex systems so that you get the most possible out of every deployment.

Professional Installation

At iX, we believe that building and delivering high-quality data storage solutions and rackmount servers isn’t enough. A delivery may be a welcome sight, but the tasks of racking, cabling, and connecting your servers can be daunting.

Allow iX to reduce deployment risk and take care of the installation process for you!


Free up your resources, significantly reduce deployment time, and eliminate clutter from unboxing servers by taking advantage of iX turnkey racking and deployment services.

Whether you prefer to receive your servers pre-installed in server racks or cabinets, or you need assistance racking your servers at your data center, iX can accommodate you.

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