ESG: TrueNAS Technical Report

Topics Covered:

  • Low TCO to Give You More Storage for Your Money
  • How the TrueNAS platform delivers impressive levels of cost-optimized performance
  • Virtualization Support and Management With VMware
  • Leveraging TrueCommand to Easily Manage Fleets of All-flash TrueNAS Storage
  • How TrueNAS protects your data with the OpenZFS File System with Snapshots.
  • Scalability up to 10 Petabytes Per TrueNAS Appliance

“The combination of ZFS, open source, and a lean sales force provides efficiencies that enable iXsystems to offer high performance, feature-rich solutions at high value price points. We calculated a significant delta. Based on our testing and analysis, we found that iXsystems can typically offer up to double the performance at half the cost of their major competitors.”

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