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Various GUI issues/annoyances I have

Jul 4, 2015
The new GUI has been in the works for a while here are the biggest issues I have with it.

Annotation 2019-04-13 101120.jpg

Should look like this on a 1440p screen... Imagine the above image at 4k.
Annotation 2019-04-13 101153.jpg

Row width adjusts once on page load and not dynamically. Column headers are lazily formatted... While making this post I found it is adjusting dynamically but it breaks a lot. "Start Automatically" could be shortened to "Auto Start".
Annotation 2019-04-13 102407.jpg

I don't know where to start with this. Large gaps between graphs at 1440p... and all the other issues here. The graphs should widen in this situation if it doesn't have enough room to fit 3 wide. If that is too much work it should shift everything to the left and just have one big space on the right side.
Annotation 2019-04-13 102121.jpg

This is a good example that things should only be as wide as necessary throughout the GUI. On page load, it should find the minimum width to display the information without scrunching it. Or have each UI Panel have a predetermined max width. Also, some text is way to small. Not sure how I feel about centering everything instead of having it all to the left side. If it was on the left side you would not have to move your mouse as far.
Annotation 2019-04-13 102849.jpg

Here is a good example of a grid that is just unnecessarily wide. This is 1440p, imagine it at 4k.
Annotation 2019-04-13 103231.jpg

Chris Moore

Super Moderator
May 2, 2015