Jenkins, BHyve, and WebDriver: Continuous Integration Testing on FreeNAS

Posted in Blog, Misc, Tradeshow Events on November 07, 2013

On November 7, 2013, the FreeBSD Vendor Summit was held at the Yahoo! campus in Sunnyvale, California. The summit was attended by representatives from many companies who are interested in building commercial products and services on FreeBSD. iXsystems was well represented at the summit.

Craig Rodrigues, iXsystems software engineer, gave a presentation, "Jenkins, BHyve, and WebDriver: Continuous Integration Testing on FreeNAS". Craig's presentation described how iXsystems is using modern best practices for building and testing FreeNAS code. Jenkins is a framework for doing continuous builds and integration, and is used by hundreds of companies. BHyve (BSD Hypvervisor) is the new virtual machine system which will be part of FreeBSD 10. Webdriver is a Python toolkit for testing web applications. By combining these technologies, iXsystems is developing a modern and sophisticated workflow for testing and improving the quality of FreeNAS.

Afterwards, Craig generously made the slides from his talk available here for anyone who was unable to attend. A PDF of the slides can be found here in the resources section.

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