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Speed of my connection with FREENAS

Jun 23, 2012
Hello everyone!

i am new at Freenas, but i love it, and i really what to make the most of it.

I Have 2 questions

1 i have all my computers on my network can connect to freenas, but the speed its very low, about 1,6mb its the same of my Internet connection on is limit, i try to open the ftp ports on my router but nothing happens... just for understanding, i have a thompson router they have 4 Ethernet ports and wireless connection, and connect to this router i have one switch on my lab with 8 ports thats on that switch is the freenas installed.

All the computer can connect even on wireless of the router. what can i do to speed up my NAS?

2 in this moment i just have pens on nas to testing speed, i am thinking on 2 tb drive os WD Green series what its your opinion people?

Thanks and sorry for my English.



Behold the Wumpus
May 28, 2011
Hi gas17,

What happens to your speed when you have a client connected directly into the same switch that the FreeNAS box is on?

Personally I'm not a fan of the Green drives (I have no real reason for this), but depending on what you are hoping to get out of them\what your needs & expectations are they can be a perfectly fine drive. Just remember that the Green drives simply aren't that fast, but they might work perfectly fine for your application.