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Minecraft Bedrock server on FreeNAS

Feb 9, 2020
I apologize for my ignorance. I actually worked with UNIX (and CPM) systems about 35 years ago. I can say, it's not quite like riding a bike, but I do remember snippets of things as I'm starting my journey into Linux. I'm enjoying this path of discovery immensely, but I'm afraid having a job with long hours and a wife and daughters that demand my time mean I just need to find out how to get things done. Syncthing had me pulling my hair out, by the way. If I ever retire, I'd like to make step-by-step tutorials for others who just need to make things work. Anyway, sorry for the introduction paragraph.

I've searched the forums and Google in an attempt to get my questions answered, with no luck. I am attempting to run a Minecraft Bedrock server (not the JAVA version included in the plugin) on my FreeNAS server. I have attempted to install it in a jail, but can not figure out how to get this to work (if it's even possible). The other option I am considering is a VM running Ubuntu. I just don't know enough about all the pieces yet to make it work.

I'm also open to suggestions for the best learning material, whether online resource or books, to get up to speed as quickly as possible.

Thank you

Patrick M. Hausen

FreeNAS Guru
Nov 25, 2013

That looks like you need a VM running Ubuntu ...