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Can my system handle Plex and Nextcloud at once?


Nov 25, 2019
Here is the deal: i currently have 2 (older) Supermicro systems running FreeNAS.

One is a X8SIL-f with Xeon L3426 CPU and 32Gb of RDIMM ECC RAM and 2 x 240GB SSD's running Freenas connected to a Dell Powervault MD1000 with 15 x 2Tb HGST SAS drives with 1 pool of 8 drives as a Plex server in a jail and the other pool of 7 drives current configured as 8Tb file server.

The other server is a X8SIL-F with Xeon X3430 and 16GB ECC RAM running FreeNAS off a 64Gb USB thumbdrive directly on the USB header of the motherboard and connected to 2 x 2Tb WD Red drives configured as mirror solely running Nextcloud in a jail.

Apart from that, i have a Synology RS214 with 2 x 4Tb WD Red in RAID1 which houses my family pictures and videos.

All of the above is running perfectly fine connected to a Netgear GS752TP switch and a Mikrotik RB3011 router without a single glitch (knock on wood).

The thing is, i came to the realization that don't need an 8Tb fileserver. When the files were on the RS214 earlier, together with my pictures and videos, it would barely take up 10% of the 4Tb capacity and i decided today i am going to move them back from the FreeNAS to the RS214 tonight and use the 7Tb pool to set up a 4Tb dataset to back up the RS214 which leaves me with another 3Tb which would be more than sufficient to running Nextcloud.

The big question to me is if Plex and Nextcloud together on one FreeNAS install will be too much of a load for the L3426 with 32Gb? If not, my thinking is to install Nextcloud on the L3426 and repurpose the X3430. One thought i am playing with is to replace the 2TB WD's with 2 x 240GB SSD's running pfsense on it to replace the Mikrotik once i get the hang of it.

Any thought, insights or recommendations on this?