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So, you’ve decided to buy a Supermicro X11 Xeon E3 v5/6 board...

So, you’ve decided to buy a Supermicro X11 Xeon E3 v5/6 board...

Since there are now X11 server boards using the C24x PCH, I added a clarification explaining this and which CPUs are supported.

A new Resource for the new boards will follow shortly.
Added a blurb explaining that Xeon-W and Xeon Scalable are not covered.
Tweaked some references to the SAS3008 controller, to clarify its capabilities. Also tweaked some old references to drivers, now that everything is mature.
Much like SAS3, the 10GbE solution used by the X11SSH-CTF is considered reliable these days, so the old warning has been removed.
Some notices about SAS3 not being mature had been lurking in the document for too long. They were removed, as SAS3 is reliable enough these days.

Also fixed several instances of "LSI SAS 3008". The correct version is "LSI SAS3008", without a second space.
Edit 2016-04-25: Updated driver support notice for the X11SSH-(C)TF
Edit 2016-05-07: Added -B vs -O section, copied from the X10 thread. Should've been here all along. Fixed title apostrophe to proper serifed version, instead of mysterious apostrophe-like symbol.
Edit 2016-10-04: Migrated original thread over to the Resources section, old thread is now archive and discussion only. Links changed to reflect migrations to Resources section.