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So, you’ve decided to buy a Supermicro X11 Xeon E3 v5/6 board...

So, you’ve decided to buy a Supermicro X11 Xeon E3 v5/6 board...

Very usefull!
This is what the web site of Supermicro should have done!
Great summary of available supermicro mbs, with helpful added hints.
I've always have quick response anytime I've had a tech question from SM, and my use is mainly personal.
So what if it's 90ish, they are selling product to those who work for a living. (jk)
BTW: SuperMicro is in the top 100, last update 18th, fast growing IT Infrastructure BiZ in the world now, so I would say their site works.
It's a specific, clear and concise overview of the X11 boards, which is exactly what the title's about.
Thank, this helped me a lot :-)
Everything I needed to know about Supermicro's naming convention and the differences between the boards. Quite helpful actually! Thank you!
Nicely put! I have spend many hours to do the same thing to gain those same results as Supermicro's webpages are sooo '90s.
Supermicro's page on their X11 series boards is really tough to slog through; Ericloewe put together a page that makes it *much* easier to understand what the various boards have to offer.
Detailed explanation of the minute differences between motherboard flavors.