84 TB TrueNAS X10-HA Only $13,900

  • Dual Controllers
  • 32 GB RAM per Controller
  • 2 x 10 GbE per Controller
  • 6-core Intel® CPU per Controller
  • 84 TB (10 x 8 TB HDD & 2 x 1.9 TB Performance SSDs) Capacity



Performance File-Share

Video Editing

We’re offering a limited number of prebuilt TrueNAS X10-HA storage appliances for under $14,000. Packed with 84 TB of raw capacity, this system comes with 10 x 8 TB HDDs and 2 x 1.9 TB Performance SSDs that can be configured as a fusion pool. Alternatively, the SSDs can be used as read and write cache SSDs. Dual controllers ensure up to 99.999% uptime and each controller node includes 32 GB of RAM, dual 10 GbE ports, and a 6-core/12-thread Intel® Xeon®-D CPU for superior performance. If more storage is needed, we’re offering an optional 12-bay expansion shelf that scales the TrueNAS X10-HA up to 200 TB. Whether you need 24×7 support or on-site repair, Bronze, Silver, or Gold support options are available to help you meet your goals.

Special Pricing: 84 TB TrueNAS X10-HA for $13,900

Optional Upgrade: 12-Bay Expansion Shelf


Powered by ZFS

OpenZFS is a powerful file system that protects your data with built-in RAID protection and data integrity checks to avoid bit rot and corruption. The flexibility offered by OpenZFS means the same storage can be reconfigured for NFS, SMB, Apple File Protocol (AFP), S3, or iSCSI storage. Host storage for virtual machines over iSCSI or NFS while simultaneously acting as a backup target, an S3 bucket, and an office file share! Integrated cloud sync features make it simple to back up to popular cloud services including Amazon S3, Backblaze B2, and more. This TrueNAS X10-HA works best for virtualization, file sharing, or video editing. 

Example RAID Layout


5x Mirror: 42 TB

Video Editing

RAIDZ2-10W: 66 TB

File Sharing

2x RAIDZ2-5W: 50 TB


Priced at $13,900, the TrueNAS X10-HA is perfect for companies that want an affordable but powerful storage solution. The majority of the capacity is delivered by 10 x 8 TB HDDs while dual 1.9 TB PerformanceSSDs can be configured as part of a fusion pool or used as a separate performance pool. If 84 TB of raw capacity is not enough, an optional upgrade to add a 12-bay expansion shelf is available and enables the TrueNAS X10-HA to scale up to 200 TB. OpenZFS features like compression help you make the most of your storage by increasing the effective capacity of the system by up to 5x.


Probably the most significant feature TrueNAS 12.0 brings to the table are fusion pools. In previous versions, pools needed to be created out of the same media type. Starting with version 12.0, you can create a new fusion pool—a mix of both flash and spinning disks. Now it’s possible to use spinning disks for data blocks and flash devices for metadata and small files. Fusion pools are an excellent addition that can speed up file-based operations and metadata intensive functions. Perform faster metadata requests and get the most from your system by using fusion pools.


Get the flexibility you need by configuring the 2 x 1.9 TB Performance SSDs as part of a fusion pool or configure them for cache SSDs. Fusion pools enhance performance by storing metadata and small I/Os, allowing acceleration of database datasets and VMs. Replace the SSDs as cache instead to leverage the advanced caching technology of ZFS. The ZFS Intent Log (ZIL) keeps the last 5 seconds of synchronous write operations safe and the L2ARC holds the most frequently-used files so application performance isn’t slowed. With an additional 32 GB RAM per controller to handle the primary cache, the TrueNAS X10-HA is perfect for any workload.


With full 10 gigabit Ethernet networking, the TrueNAS X10-HA cuts large file transfer times by an order of magnitude. Equipped with dual 10 GbE per controller, the TrueNAS X10-HA is capable of over 1 GB/s throughput and can connect easily to a wide variety of network infrastructures.


This system is configured with dual controllers to ensure hardware failure does not result in a system outage. Dual nodes provide top-to-bottom redundancy of all active components and are kept in sync via a continuous heartbeat to minimize failover time. In the event of a failover, all network services automatically switch to the second controller and users will continue to have access to their data as normal. When your business can’t afford to go offline, a high availability TrueNAS system is your number one choice.

Industry-Leading Lowest TCO Over 5 Years

Open Source software economics allows iXsystems to offer TrueNAS storage at a fraction of the cost of other on-site storage vendors. The TrueNAS X10-HA uses less than 300W, so you spend less on energy costs over the life of the system. Every system comes with an all-inclusive license with no unexpected costs for enabling features like compression, thin provisioning, and unlimited snapshots. All system and support costs are clearly presented upfront with no hidden license fees or uplift during the life of the system. Every TrueNAS system is backed by our white-glove support with flexible and affordable support packages to fit every need.

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