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Rename a cloned bhyve VM zvol

Jul 1, 2013

I hoping to confirm if renaming the zvol for a cloned VM would cause any issues in the background with how cloned bhyve VMs are managed by FreeNAS. For example, I have a Windows Server 2016 VM that I would like to use as a "template". The VM's zvol name is vms1/Win2016GuiTemplate-yeg5d9. I have used FreeNAS to clone the VM and the resulting zvol is named "vms1/Win2016GuiTemplate-yeg5d9_Win2016GuiTemplate_clone0". Noticing that the clone's zvol name corresponds to the snapshot name given to the original zvol, I am hesitant to try renaming it, because I worry that maybe FreeNAS needs the names to correspond this way so that it can manage the clone in some way. What I would prefer to do is rename it to something like vms1/Win2016GuiTemplateMssql-disk0 and also have a few other zvols for additional disks 1-3.

root@freenas:~ # zfs list -t snapshot | grep Win2016
vms1/Win2016GuiTemplate-yeg5d9@manual-20190612            2.33G      -  13.7G  -
vms1/Win2016GuiTemplate-yeg5d9@Win2016GuiTemplate_clone0      0      -  11.8G  -
root@freenas:~ # zfs list | grep Win2016
vms1/Win2016GuiTemplate-yeg5d9                            14.1G   386G  11.8G  -
vms1/Win2016GuiTemplate-yeg5d9_Win2016GuiTemplate_clone0     8K   386G  11.8G  -
root@freenas:~ # 

I can simply try it myself, but setting up that Template VM took a whole day, so I would really prefer not to gamble with it if an answer already exists out there. Please respond if you have any advice! :)