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Proper Power Supply Sizing Guidance


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Apr 16, 2019
I am using a U-NAS 810A for my setup, I would recommend you to use something else.

It is a flimsy case, allowing drives to vibrate. The way the mainboard is mounted on 4 protruding lips, requiring a plastic sheet on the back to prevent shorting the back is very dubious. And the PCIe riser card that comes with it should NOT be used because it doesn't use impedance controlled transmission lines for its lanes.

I'm still hoping, that one of these days, Ablecom will grant me the privilege of purchasing a CS-T80 8-bay NAS case from them. No luck so far, but I keep on hoping.
Thank you very much for the heads up because that case and PSU was going to be a $$ purchase. I reached out to silver stone about the CSI381 and this is what I got. "Unfortunately the project is in a delay but it is still open and we are very close to bringing it to production, we should see it in the market this year but Unfortunately I don’t have a firm release date to share at this moment. We believe it will be available around Q3."

I want a small form factor case hot swap if possible which leaves the node 804 which is out of stock and overpriced right now. I currently have a fractal r6 but it is massive.


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May 19, 2017
The IXsystems Mini XL case is nicely built and allows up to 8 hot-swap drives. The C2750D4I sips power yet offers 13 SATA drive connectors.

My experience re: AsRock board failures with iXsystems was absolutely top-notch, a great team to work with. I just got my latest 1.03 revision board from them as a RMA and with that hope that all Intel, watchdog, power supply rail, etc. failures are behind me.