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FreeNAS reboots?

Jul 14, 2016
Well, mine (still 11.1U7) needs to be rebooted, about every 10-12 days... :(
Otherwise, after this time has elapsed, access to the shares (only 4 SMB shares) takes forever (if it completes at all !) and it becomes impossible to logon to the webgui. Logging onto the CLI sometimes works, sometimes not, but even so forcing a soft reboot from there doesn't work, I have to hit the "reset" switch on my box... Once the box has restarted everything works fine again, till the next time... :'(


Resident Grinch
May 29, 2011
[Moderator note: moved to a non-years-old thread]

Please refer to the forum rules, conveniently linked at the top of every page in red, for assistance in formulating a useful problem report so that you'll be more likely to get a useful response.

Without any clues as to what your setup is like, there's relatively little chance of getting a meaningful response. Are you running the bare minimum (8GB) for memory? What's your pool size? What's the hardware like? Are you running jails? VM's? All of these things (and more!) could easily be a component to the problem, and without information about your specifics, it's really hard to say anything useful.

Please help us help you!