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Firefly - mt-daapd log errors result in filesystem full

Apr 3, 2012
Recently had problems with mt-daapd process causing /var file system full errors. I logged in as root and had a look at the log directory in /var as suggested in some similar posts. Sure enough the mt-daapd.log file was enormous and had been logging errors every second for a fortnight. I stopped Firefly, deleted the log, started Firefly again, Everything then fine, iTunes could see the server, new log file re-created on start up, all good, or so I thought. However a quick examination of the log file showed that the errors were piling up again. The offending log entry is: 2012-05-11 18:25:28 (9209f12b): timeout in select, which repeats ad infinitum, any guidance on what could be causing this? I have attached the mt-daapd.log file. Many thanks.