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SOLVED Available Capacity Isn't Accurate

Apr 15, 2012
Hi Everyone,

I've deleted some old datasets, and my pool still shows a bunch of space allocated, even though it isn't. The numbers in the UI, and CLI, each don't show what I would expect to be free. Have a look at the attached screen capture and you'll see the following weirdness:
  • 2.49 TiB used
  • 2.81 TiB free
But if you look at the child datasets, the total used only adds up to 824 MiB! And there is nothing stored in the root of the pool.

Where is this phantom 1666 GiB allocation?

There is only a single snapshot, and it's just a jail, with 128 KiB used and 401 MiB refer.

root@freenas:~ # zpool list -v
NAME                                     SIZE  ALLOC   FREE  CKPOINT  EXPANDSZ   FRAG    CAP  DEDUP  HEALTH  ALTROOT
freenas-boot                             149G  1.50G   148G        -         -      -     1%  1.00x  ONLINE  -
  ada3p2                                 149G  1.50G   148G        -         -      -     1%
tank                                    8.12T  3.58T  4.55T        -         -    42%    44%  1.02x  ONLINE  /mnt
  raidz1                                8.12T  3.58T  4.55T        -         -    42%    44%
    gptid/d5d830a2-536a-11e7-8d22-2c4d54eec528      -      -      -        -         -      -      -
    gptid/d6c20d45-536a-11e7-8d22-2c4d54eec528      -      -      -        -         -      -      -
    gptid/d7b57dba-536a-11e7-8d22-2c4d54eec528      -      -      -        -         -      -      -

root@freenas:~ # zfs list
NAME                                                    USED  AVAIL  REFER  MOUNTPOINT
freenas-boot                                           1.50G   143G    64K  none
freenas-boot/ROOT                                      1.49G   143G    29K  none
freenas-boot/ROOT/11.2-U5                              1.49G   143G   757M  /
freenas-boot/ROOT/Initial-Install                         1K   143G   760M  legacy
freenas-boot/ROOT/default                               189K   143G   760M  legacy
tank                                                   2.43T  2.86T   117K  /mnt/tank
tank/.system                                            132M  2.86T   533K  legacy
tank/.system/configs-66311c036e824820af44b2dbf4c55f10  33.2M  2.86T  32.2M  legacy
tank/.system/cores                                     1.52M  2.86T  1.37M  legacy
tank/.system/rrd-66311c036e824820af44b2dbf4c55f10      82.2M  2.86T  25.2M  legacy
tank/.system/samba4                                    2.21M  2.86T   565K  legacy
tank/.system/syslog-66311c036e824820af44b2dbf4c55f10   11.7M  2.86T  6.46M  legacy
tank/.system/webui                                      117K  2.86T   117K  legacy
tank/gstorage_config                                   7.34M  2.86T  7.34M  /mnt/tank/gstorage_config
tank/iocage                                             816M  2.86T   133K  /mnt/tank/iocage
tank/iocage/download                                    125M  2.86T   117K  /mnt/tank/iocage/download
tank/iocage/download/11.2-RELEASE                       125M  2.86T   125M  /mnt/tank/iocage/download/11.2-RELEASE
tank/iocage/images                                      117K  2.86T   117K  /mnt/tank/iocage/images
tank/iocage/jails                                       289M  2.86T   117K  /mnt/tank/iocage/jails
tank/iocage/jails/gstorage                              289M  2.86T   128K  /mnt/tank/iocage/jails/gstorage
tank/iocage/jails/gstorage/root                         288M  2.86T   684M  /mnt/tank/iocage/jails/gstorage/root
tank/iocage/log                                         128K  2.86T   128K  /mnt/tank/iocage/log
tank/iocage/releases                                    401M  2.86T   117K  /mnt/tank/iocage/releases
tank/iocage/releases/11.2-RELEASE                       401M  2.86T   117K  /mnt/tank/iocage/releases/11.2-RELEASE
tank/iocage/releases/11.2-RELEASE/root                  401M  2.86T   401M  /mnt/tank/iocage/releases/11.2-RELEASE/root
tank/iocage/templates                                   117K  2.86T   117K  /mnt/tank/iocage/templates
tank/timemachine                                        181K  2.86T   181K  /mnt/tank/timemachine

root@freenas:~ # ls -lah /mnt/tank
total 23
drwxr-xr-x  5 root  wheel     5B Jul 12 10:47 .
drwxr-xr-x  3 root  wheel   128B Jul 11 22:02 ..
drwxr-xr-x  3 root  wheel     8B Jan  9  2019 gstorage_config
drwxr-xr-x  8 root  wheel     9B Feb  4 11:22 iocage
drwxr-xr-x  3 jeff  jeff      5B Nov  4  2017 timemachine

Any ideas?


Chris Moore

Super Moderator
May 2, 2015