June Plugins Update and new Plugins Available for Testing

Today we released another Plugins update to address some security vulnerabilities. We also have two new Plugins that are looking for testers.

Before updating a plugin, review its Release Notes in the table below to determine if the update will impact your configuration. Then, determine the jail_name for the plugin:  go to Plugins ⇾ Installed and note the name of the plugin in the Jails column.

To update the plugin, type this command, replacing jail_name with the actual name shown in Plugins ⇾ Installed:

iocage update jail_name

Note that you will need to restart the plugin once the update is finished.

It is recommended to make a snapshot of your current plugin version before updating. Detailed instructions for creating a plugins snapshot and rolling back to a previous snapshot are available in this post.

Plugin from to Release Notes
Bacula 9.4.2_1 9.4.3 https://www.bacula.org/bacula-release-9-4-3/
Emby https://github.com/MediaBrowser/Emby.Releases/releases/tag/
GitLab 11.10.4 11.11.0 https://about.gitlab.com/2019/05/22/gitlab-11-11-released/
gitlab-runner 1.10.1 1.11.1 https://gitlab.com/gitlab-org/gitlab-runner/commit/5a147c9271bc1f6114ed4e32d3ba3eb9ea372cda
Jenkins 2.177 2.179 https://jenkins.io/changelog//#v2.179
Plex Media Server https://forums.plex.tv/t/plex-media-server/30447/262
Plex Media Server (plexpass) https://forums.plex.tv/t/plex-media-server/30447/262
radarr https://github.com/Radarr/Radarr/releases/tag/v0.2.0.1344
XMRig 2.14.1 2.14.4 https://github.com/xmrig/xmrig/releases/tag/v2.14.4

Plugins Ready for Testing

To install a testing plugin, you will need the latest copy of the iocage-ix-plugins git repository. If you have never cloned this repository from your FreeNAS system, run this command from Shell:

git clone https://github.com/freenas/iocage-ix-plugins

Then, change to that directory:

cd iocage-ix-plugins

If you already have a copy of that directory, make sure it is up-to-date:

cd iocage-ix-plugins

git pull https://github.com/freenas/iocage-ix-plugins

While in the iocage-ix-plugins directory, you can install the desired testing plugin using the command specified for that plugin. Once a testing plugin is installed, it will be added to the Plugins → Installed Plugins page of the UI where it can be managed like any other plugin.

If you run into any issues using these plugins or have comments on how to improve one of these plugins, create a github pull request or issue at https://github.com/freenas/iocage-ix-plugins.


iocage fetch -P -n ./dnsmasq.json  dhcp=on bpf=yes vnet=on --accept


Refer to the Installation section of https://www.ixsystems.com/community/threads/call-for-testing-nakivo-backup-and-replication-plugin.76779  for installation instructions. Replace “em0|x.x.x.x/24” in the iocage fetch command with your interface name, IP address, and network mask.


  1. Josh

    Is SABNZBD ever going to make it back into the plugin list?

    • Dave

      If you have the skills you can build your own jail potentially. For example there isnt a Jackett plug-in, but there is a Freebsd package for it. I create a jail and just did a pkg install jackett along with some other configuration to get one going.

  2. Arne

    What is the current state of the plugins system? Is it in stable, production state already or is the whole plugins functionality still in testing?

    Where can we see the maintainer of a plugin, and whether a plugin is still actively maintained or abandoned?

    • Arne

      …and how often/quickly are plugins updated? If a plugin’s main port has dependencies that receive critical updates, will the plugin be updated too?


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