FreeNAS Issue of BSD Magazine

BSD Magazine, the leading publisher of BSD news and articles, is proud to present a special FreeNAS edition. In this month’s issue, readers can find a collection of insightful FreeNAS articles from iXsystems’ FreeNAS development, marketing and support teams, as well as beta-testers. Dru Lavigne, John Hixson, Mark VonFange, Annie Zhang, and Alfred Perlstein all contributed to the latest issue.

With the recent FreeNAS 8.3.1 release, there are plenty of new features to talk about. Readers can find articles on plugins, disk encryption, ZFSv28, and much more. FreeNAS users share their own experience with the open source project, whether it be in a business environment or for casual home use.

To download the free online PDF of the FreeNAS issue, visit Printed copies of the issue will soon be available for purchase from the FreeBSD Mall.

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  1. Steve

    Any chance of a direct download for BSD Magazine? They are insisting on a newsletter sign-up and to be frank, I have enough c**p in my inbox without signing up for yet another newsletter.


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