FreeNAS 8 alpha: How to use it

Since FreeNAS 8 binaries snapshots are available, here is a little HOW-TO with one disk shared by CIFS.
Simplified steps

  1. log on the webgui with login “admin” and password “freenas”
  2. Declare the disk
  3. Create a “group” (single) using previously declared disk
  4. Create a volume (mount point) using previously created group
  5. Enable a share service
  6. Add a share corresponding to the service previously enabled

Detailed steps with screen-shots:

  1. Go in Disk: Add disk
  2. Add your hard drive:

  3. Go in Disk: Group disk

  4. Create a “single” group type:

  5. Go in Disk, Create Volume

  6. Enter the detail of this Volume (mount point):

  7. Go in Services, CIFS/SMB

  8. Enable CIFS by Checking ON and clicking on save:

  9. Go in Services, CIFS/SMB, Add share

  10. Create your CIFS share by entering the name of your share, a description and the name of the volume you want to share, then click on save:

Share available with CIFS 🙂


    1. Anti

      Hello, I installed FreeNAS 8 alpha into VMware and it looks nice. I know FreeBSD well and I know how to find out box IP address, but for most novices this would be tough job.

      I’d recommend to create some kind of fullscreen window to first terminal with additional system information. IIRC then stable version of FreeNAS did that already.

      Samba with FreeBSD ACL support would be great addition for enhanced access management.

      Recycle Bin is great- I use it for years already and it helped me out couple of times.

      I hope I can help you guys resolve bugs like I did in PC-BSD 😉

    2. luis.sr74

      ACL support to integrate windows acls is a must

    3. ruben

      thanks soo good,, I´ve the version 0.69.1 Omnius (revision 4554) , XD I´M trying with it

    4. thAAAnos

      You guys in IXSystems, really, really need a new logo… it looks awful in the screenshots…

    5. kemal

      is freeNAS supporting torrent downloader??

    6. feng

      will it be possible to migrate current software Raid or ZFS from 0.7 to 0.8?

    7. R0b0hack

      Anyone know where you ask config questions for freenas .8 alpha?

      Just installed 5778, and configed with 4 drives in a raidz as (/mnt/big), then defined a dataset of ‘pix’ as /mnt/big/pix, then shared the /mnt/big/pix through cifs as ‘Pictures’.

      I can see it, I can map to it, but I can’t write it (and since I haven’t been able to write, I don’t know if I can read…..

    8. R0b0hack

      Finally figured it out….

      Through the GUI, apparently, you don’t get write access to ZRAID volums as default (WHY? I don’t know, but it’s a retarded design point or a bug….). Now way to do this though the GUI at this level of alpha code either (the GUI doesn’t really work in IE8 either, but Firefox is just an install away…)

      But to get back to the fix…

      Install PuTTY, SSH into the box (after turning on ssh in the Services menu), then chmod 777 /mnt/Big, went and deleted all the shares, and recreated them, and made sure the check the ‘inherit permissions’ checkbox, and BINGO, all is well, and running along.

      Too bad it took this kind of effort for a newbie to get something like this working for what SHOULD be a turnkey operation.

    9. meyersmp

      I didn’t see rsync as a service in the new beta. Is it being removed from the new version of FreeNAS?


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