Disable openssh-portable

I’ve disabled the openssh-portable package again because of ssh login failures.
The original sshd shipped with FreeBSD6.2 is used instead, but this one has no HPN patch.


  1. Olivier

    We should wait that this port works again before release the 0.684b.
    And actually there are lot’s of activity on the FreeBSD 6.2 CVS.
    About FreeBSD CSV, is someone know how to read the actual CVS comments of the developers ? Because I don’t found the up-to-date CVS (6.2) here: http://www.freebsd.org/cgi/cvsweb.cgi/#dirlist

  2. Volker

    I think we should think about how to generate the FreeNAS OS itself. In my opinion it is not good to use the latest CVS code for kernel + userland, instead we should use the latest stable release (e.g. FreeBSD6.2 + portsnap for the ports used in FreeNAS + freebsd-update. So we use a stable base OS for FreeNAS.


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