August 27 Plugins Update

The latest plugins update addresses ClamAV, GitLab, and Jenkins security advisories and updates a few plugins to their latest available versions. The latest versions should appear in Plugins ⇾ Available and existing plugin installations can be updated to the new versions using the instructions below.

Before updating a plugin, review its Release Notes in the table below to determine if the update will impact your configuration. Then, determine the jail_name for the plugin:  go to Plugins ⇾ Installed and note the name of the plugin in the Jails column.

To update the plugin, type this command, replacing jail_name with the actual name shown in Plugins ⇾ Installed:

iocage update jail_name

Note that you will need to restart the plugin once the update is finished.

It is recommended to make a snapshot of your current plugin version before updating. Detailed instructions for creating a plugins snapshot and rolling back to a previous snapshot are available in this post.

Updated Plugins

Plugin from to Release Notes Notes
bitcoin-daemon 0.18.0 0.18.1_7 Changelog
ClamAV 0.101.2,1 0.101.4,1 Changelog CVE-2019-12625CVE-2019-12900
GitLab 12.0.3_2 12.0.6 Changelog CVE-2019-5461
GitLab-Runner 11.11.1 12.1.0 Changelog
Jenkins 2.186 2.192 Changelog CVE-2019-10383CVE-2019-10384
Jenkins LTS 2.176.2 2.176.3 Changelog CVE-2019-10383CVE-2019-10384
Nextcloud 16.0.3 16.0.4 Changelog
Plex Media Server Changelog
Plex Media Server (PlexPass) Changelog
Quasselcore 0.13.0_5 0.13.1_1 Changelog
qbittorrent 4.1.6 4.1.7_1 Changelog
Redmine 3.4.9_2 3.4.11 Changelog


  1. ChaosBlades

    Just tried three times to update PlexPass version and this update breaks plex. Can’t connect to the server. When you go to the local IP you get the spinning wheel then it connects for a split second then goes back to the spinning wheel. No errors reported starting the iocage jail from shell… Rolled back to the previous snapshot and it is back up running. I’ll just stick with

    • Dru

      We can’t reproduce this in our testing environment. Please create a report at so we can investigate.

    • DaveH

      I am also getting an error after the upgrade in my plex media server log I see this

      Aug 30, 2019 17:53:07.688 [0x80ba16000] DEBUG – HttpServer: Listening on IPv6 as well as IPv4.
      Aug 30, 2019 17:53:07.688 [0x80ba16000] ERROR – HttpServer: Error binding acceptor: Can’t assign requested address
      Aug 30, 2019 17:53:07.688 [0x80ba16000] ERROR – HttpServer: Error opening acceptor on IPv6, falling back to IPv4: Can’t assign requested address
      Aug 30, 2019 17:53:07.688 [0x80ba16000] ERROR – HttpServer: Error binding acceptor: Can’t assign requested address
      Aug 30, 2019 17:53:07.688 [0x80ba16000] ERROR – Error: Unable to set up server: listen: Can’t assign requested address (N5boost10wrapexceptINS_6system12system_errorEEE)

      • Dru Lavigne

        That sounds like a DHCP error.

        • daveh

          I dont know what it was. My stuff is all statically assigned. I stopped being able to ping the jail after the update, couldnt restart the jail, went to reboot the box and both my lagg interfaces were gone. Rebooted a few more times and they came back….who knows


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