TrueNAS: Enterprise Hybrid or All-Flash Storage Arrays

TrueNAS Unified Storage is hybrid or all-flash storage that combines power, flexibility, and simplicity with a modular, state-of-the-art hardware platform. TrueNAS offers high-availability, high-performance, feature-rich storage for a wide variety of enterprise business applications. It unifies SAN and NAS in one appliance and provides a wide variety of services and protocols on top of a best-in-breed filesystem that guarantees data stays pristine and secure. Whether it’s used as storage for mission-critical VMs, a replication target for business continuity, video editing, general file serving, or most any business-critical storage workload, TrueNAS provides the most reliable, powerful, and easy-to-manage solution for your critical data.

Unified Storage = Ultimate Storage Flexibility

NAS or SAN? TrueNAS is both.

TrueNAS offers you the flexibility of choice, providing CIFS/SMB, AFP, and NFS for file storage and iSCSI/SCSI for block storage. Every common operating system, hypervisor, and application is supported.

Hybrid Storage Pools

Spinning disk capacity at the speed of Flash

TrueNAS performance-acceleration technology, TrueCache™, leverages DRAM and flash-based SSDs to dynamically and automatically cache reads and writes, while less active data is moved to slower spinning disks. The performance of these cache layers are orders of magnitude faster than HDDs, while their power requirements are also far lower. TrueCache™ increases performance, conserves power, and provides flash performance without compromising capacity and scalability, therefore maximizing your storage budget.

How does TrueCache™ work? For synchronous writes that must be committed to stable media before being acknowledged, low-latency, high-throughput flash is used so that writes do not wait for spinning media. The data is then asynchronously written to disk.

For read acceleration, most recently- and most-often- read data is cached in DRAM and SSDs so that reads don’t have to wait for spinning media. TrueNAS uses TrueCache™ to offload as much of the storage I/O from spinning disk as possible, keeping performance consistently high.


Self-Healing Filesystem

End-to-end protection safeguards against data corruption

Continual availability of business-critical data is the name of the game. TrueNAS lets you survive multiple disk failures, includes automatic corruption detection and repair, and has no single point of failure. All reads return only verified data and any corrupted data is automatically repaired.

Over time, single bit errors in stored data occur more often than you’d expect. The industry calls this “bit-rot”. Traditional volume managers won’t notice when bit-rot occurs, but TrueNAS will proactively detect and repair data corruption.

During a read, If the data is corrupted, TrueNAS will read from redundant storage and automatically repair the bad data. If the data is infrequently read then when TrueNAS performs an automatic disk scrub, the corrupted data will be fixed. Under no circumstances will TrueNAS return bad data as though it were good.

During a write, changed data is written to a completely new location on disk, thereby preserving the original data. This makes advanced snapshot features possible and prevents data loss in the case of an incomplete write.

Directory Services Integration

Connecting the dots

TrueNAS integrates with both LDAP and AD directory services. This allows simple administration of a user database for system administrators while users get the advantage of single sign-on to many corporate services.


Intelligent Compression & Deduplication

Maximize capacity AND performance

TrueNAS uses multiple techniques and technologies to reduce the volume of data actually stored. This storage optimization reduces the size of IOPS that reach storage media, which actually increases performance while conserving space for additional data, keeping data growth under control.

The TrueNAS Adaptive Compression (TAC) algorithm takes advantage of its multi-core CPUs by achieving an impressive compression ratio without impacting disk performance. In addition to fast compression, it can also decompress data quickly. TAC has virtually no impact to disk access and will only compress data that will net a savings. Several less-performant compression algorithms that conserve even more space are also available for high-density archival storage.

Deduplication is the process of eliminating duplicate copies of data in order to save space. When TrueNAS deduplication is enabled, data is scanned and analyzed for potential duplicates before being stored.

* Deduplication supported by default on TrueNAS Z50 TrueFlash and is an option on others. iXsystems Support Team should always be consulted before enabling deduplication so that we can analyze the benefit to your environment.

Thin and Thick Provisioning

Optimize Capacity

With highly granular quota and reservation tools, TrueNAS allows administrators to overcommit storage space and allocate data on a just-enough and just-in-time basis. Since scaling TrueNAS is so easy, allocating storage ahead of availability is no risk, and TrueNAS’ logical filesystems on a shared storage pool make thick provisioning simple.


Integrated Snapshots and Replication

Robust business continuity made simple and efficient

TrueNAS offers a simple-to-use, automated file version retention and restoration system that provides unlimited and instant snapshots without intervention by administrators. With a comprehensive snapshot schedule, data is automatically protected locally against unintentional alteration and replicated remotely to another TrueNAS storage array for redundancy and/or disaster recovery.

TrueNAS does not require that you dedicate a portion of your usable space for snapshot or clone data — the entire pool can be used as a space for snapshots and clones. Operations occur instantaneously, and the initial snapshot or clone uses no space. It is only when that data changes that space is used for the original or changed data. This makes snapshots and clones incredibly space-efficient. When you combine VM provisioning with storage optimization, TrueNAS ensures that VMs occupy minimal space, increasing IOPS and reducing latency.

In order to create a highly available fault-tolerant solution for backups or disaster-recovery, snapshots can be automatically replicated to another TrueNAS, either locally or remotely, making TrueNAS replication a core component in your physical or virtual server disaster-recovery plan. The replication schedule is completely configurable so the filesystem changes can move across the network or Internet at convenient intervals. Since TrueNAS snapshot replication only sends across the new or changed data, network traffic is kept to a minimum.

Virtualization with TrueNAS

Drastically reduce IT costs while improving uptime

TrueNAS is designed to integrate seamlessly with all major virtual machine environments, enabling you to deploy hundreds or thousands of VMs and virtual desktops (VDI) in minutes and run more operating environments on a single host, from a single, hassle-free array.

TrueNAS has been verified to meet stringent virtualization compatibility standards by successfully passing a series of validation tests established by Citrix, Microsoft, and VMware, ensuring that it works effectively with XenServer, Hyper-V, and vSphere, eliminating any risk of deploying it into a VM environment. TrueNAS also supports other popular hypervisors such as Linux KVM and Oracle VirtualBox.

When you use TrueNAS with VMware, TrueNAS will coordinate the snapshots such that VMware snapshots are converted to ZFS snapshots. This enables you to use them as stable local or remote resurrection points.


Data Encryption Everywhere

Your Key to Data Security

Many regulated industries and applications require encryption on in-place and in-flight data. To this end, TrueNAS supports disk-level encryption in a variety of modes and various modes of encryption on data sent over the wire. TrueNAS Remote Replication is encrypted, and the TrueNAS Web User Interface can be configured to work over HTTPS. Even TrueNAS firmware updates are signed with a certificate issued by a public Certificate Authority. When you can’t leave security to chance, TrueNAS has you covered.

High Availability

Downtime is not an option

TrueNAS offers High Availability to continue providing services in the unlikely event of a failure. Every TrueNAS model supports storage controller redundancy, hot spares, and redundant power. This enables TrueNAS to provide non-disruptive firmware updates and around-the-clock services with zero-downtime. Our Single-controller models can also be upgraded in the field to high-availability by adding a controller.


Open Source Development Model

Better, Faster, Stronger

TrueNAS is the most actively developed commercial storage software on the planet, made possible by the contributions of the vivacious FreeNAS community. As the developers of FreeNAS, iXsystems leverages the contributions, feedback, and widespread testing of the FreeNAS community to improve both FreeNAS and TrueNAS.

At its core, TrueNAS is FreeNAS combined with enterprise hardware and hardened and tuned for the uncompromising stability and performance that your business requires. When storage is critical to your business, or you have mission-critical needs, there’s no substitute for the guaranteed performance, functionality, high availability, and professional software support of a TrueNAS enterprise storage array.

Upgradeability and Serviceability

Simple to Maintain, Simple to Upgrade

The hot-swappable, tool-less design of the modular TrueNAS hardware platform makes maintenance a snap and allows your storage array to grow alongside your needs. Upgrade from single node to HA — or from one model to the next — by simply swapping or adding controllers.


Dedicated White Glove Support

Your Storage Team just got bigger

TrueNAS is more than just an appliance – it also includes iXsystems Professional Support. Opening a support issue is easy, you don’t even have to leave the TrueNAS GUI. If you need help with TrueNAS, you will speak with a team of dedicated support engineers located at iXsystems headquarters in Silicon Valley, CA. The support team has direct access to the people who design and build TrueNAS, whom they can quickly call on if the situation warrants.

Every issue is handled by the person best suited to resolve it as quickly as possible, not by the next available representative in a call center. We’re committed to the best possible experience for all our clients, and we sustain that commitment through the entire lifetime of each array.