TrueNAS Unified Storage

TrueNAS Unified Storage

From the developers of The World's Most Popular Storage, FreeNAS. TrueNAS Unified Storage boasts:

  • Intelligent Compression
  • Hybrid Flash Acceleration
  • Self-Healing Filesystem
  • White Glove Post-Purchase Support
  • VMWare Ready Certified

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TrueNAS: Enterprise Storage

The TrueNAS Unified Storage Appliance is storage power, flexibility, and simplicity combined: high-availability, high-performance, feature-rich storage for a variety of business applications. With SAN and NAS in one appliance, as well as a wide variety of services and protocols, TrueNAS covers every use case. Whether it's an offsite replication target for business continuity, backing storage for mission-critical VMs or shared storage for video editing, TrueNAS provides a reliable, fast, and easy-to-manage solution.

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Hybrid Storage Pools

Spinning disk capacity at the speed of Flash. TrueNAS uses a hybrid architecture that optimizes performance and capacity -- without compromise -- by merging a multi-layer solid state cache and high-density spinning hard disks. Replacing high-speed spinning disks for performance with solid state reduces power consumption and space requirements dramatically, while improving performance.

Self-Healing Filesystem

Data Protection is the name of the game. With TrueNAS' Self-Healing filesystem, you can be sure that corrupted data never makes it to disk and any corruption that's detected will be corrected in the next disk scrub. Sleep well at night knowing TrueNAS' end-to-end data protection will only write uncorrupted data to disk, and its Self-Healing filesystem will make sure it stays that way.

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Unified Storage

NAS or SAN? TrueNAS is both. CIFS, NFS, and AFP provide file storage, and iSCSI provides block storage. Every common operating system and application is supported, and simple directory service integration means TrueNAS will fit seamlessly into your environment.

Intelligent Compression

Maximize capacity AND performance. TrueNAS intelligently optimizes storage capacity through an adaptive compression algorithm that maximizes storage efficiency while reducing I/O latency.

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Thin and Thick Provisioning

With highly granular quota and reservation tools, TrueNAS allows administrators to overcommit storage space and allocate data on a just-enough and just-in-time basis. Since scaling TrueNAS is so easy, allocating storage ahead of availability is no risk, and TrueNAS' logical filesystems on a shared storage pool make thick provisioning simple.

Unlimited, Instant Snapshots and Clones

TrueNAS provides unlimited, instant previous file version retention and restoration without intervention by administrators. Data is protected against unintentional alteration with minimal storage consumption on an on-demand or scheduled basis.

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High Availability

When down time is not an option, high availability is. Every TrueNAS model supports storage controller redundancy, enabling zero-downtime firmware updates, upgrades, service, and fault tolerance. Single-controller models can also be upgraded in the field to high-availability by adding a controller.

Open Source Development Model

TrueNAS is the most actively-developed commercial storage software on the planet, made possible by the contributions of the vibrant FreeNAS community. As the developers of FreeNAS, iXsystems leverages the contributions, feedback, and widespread testing of the FreeNAS community to improve both FreeNAS and TrueNAS. FreeNAS serves as the cutting edge of storage technology and TrueNAS focuses on secure, powerful, stable storage for mission-critical applications.

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Upgradeability and Serviceability

The modular TrueNAS hardware platform allows TrueNAS to grow with your needs. Upgrade from non-HA to HA or from one performance tier to the next by simply swapping or adding controllers.

White Glove Post-Purchase Support

TrueNAS is more than just an appliance - it also includes iXsystems Professional Support. If you need help with TrueNAS, you will speak with a team of dedicated support engineers located at iXsystems headquarters in Silicon Valley, CA. The support team has direct access to the people who design and build TrueNAS, whom they can quickly call on if the situation warrants. Every issue is handled by the person best suited to resolve it as quickly as possible, not by the next available representative in a call center. We're committed to the best possible experience for all our clients, and we sustain that commitment through the entire lifetime of each appliance.

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Allowing Individual Maintenance of Storage Controllers Without Downtime.

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Tech Specs

  TrueNAS Z20 TrueNAS Z30 TrueNAS Z35 TrueFlash Z50
Maximum Capacity 240TB 665TB 1.15PB 24TB Before Deduplication
Network Performance Up to Ten Gigabit Up to Twenty Gigabit Up to Forty Gigabit Up to Forty Gigabit
Flash Read/Write Cache Up to 1.2TB Up to 2.4TB Up to 4TB None, All-Flash Storage
VMWare® Ready Certified arrow arrow arrow arrow
Citrix Ready Verified arrow arrow arrow arrow
Hybrid Storage Pools arrow arrow arrow arrow
Intelligent Compression arrow arrow arrow arrow
CIFS, NFS, and AFP arrow arrow arrow arrow
iSCSI arrow arrow arrow arrow
High-Availability Option arrow arrow arrow arrow


Case Studies


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