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From the Datacenter to the Home, We Offer It

TrueNAS is available as a Flash-Assisted Hybrid or All-Flash Array. Both have blazing performance, share the same work-flow, and act as a SAN, NAS, and object storage server, meeting the needs of any enterprise workload. TrueNAS offers High Availability to continue providing file and block services in the unlikely event of a failure. Every TrueNAS model supports storage controller redundancy, hot spares, and redundant power. This enables TrueNAS to provide non-disruptive firmware updates and around-the-clock services with zero downtime.

For non-mission-critical data, or businesses with lighter workloads that don’t mind supporting their own systems but don’t want the hassle of with selecting, building, and configuring their own hardware, iXsystems provides a portfolio of FreeNAS Certified Servers that are ready to deploy.

For the home and small office we created a desktop solution powerful enough to support ZFS, yet compact and affordable for usage. iXsystems provides the ready-to-deploy FreeNAS Mini, which is unmatched by anything in its class. There’s nothing even close.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“With ZFS replication and snapshots, I know I can easily bring back a Virtual Machine if something goes wrong and that makes me sleep well at night.”

– Steve Davidson Systems
Administrator at Ashland Food Co-op

“If a user accidentally deletes important information, we can just roll back to another day.”

– Say Ho Tan

“We’ve deployed FreeNAS and TrueNAS at several client locations and all the visual effects people are loving the TrueNAS system and how easy it is to manage.”

– Tim Nagle
Owner, Creative Integrations