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TrueNAS is available in Hybrid or All-Flash Arrays to meet the needs of any enterprise workload. Both the TrueNAS X-Series and M-Series are flash-powered, based on the world’s #1 software-defined storage, and use OpenZFS. TrueNAS unifies SAN, NAS, and object protocols into one easy-to-use product. It reduces TCO with an easy-to-use management interface, award-winning support, a self-healing file system, non-disruptive capacity and firmware upgrades, and includes cloud-ready enterprise-grade storage services that let you build a private cloud instead of using expensive cloud storage.

For businesses with lighter workloads that don’t mind supporting their own systems but don’t want the hassle of selecting, building, and configuring their own hardware, iXsystems provides a portfolio of FreeNAS Certified Servers that are ready to deploy.

For the home and small office we created a desktop solution powered by TrueNAS that is powerful enough to support your file, block, and object needs in a compact and affordable form factor. iXsystems provides the ready-to-deploy TrueNAS Mini, which is unmatched by anything in its class. There’s nothing even close.

TrueCommand is a powerful “single pane of glass” iXsystems NAS management application that controls an entire fleet of TrueNAS and FreeNAS systems from a single location. Manage your NAS systems and datasets 24×7 and with enterprise-grade security.
What Our Clients Are Saying

“With ZFS replication and snapshots, I know I can easily bring back a Virtual Machine if something goes wrong and that makes me sleep well at night.”

– Steve Davidson Systems
Administrator at Ashland Food Co-op

“If a user accidentally deletes important information, we can just roll back to another day.”

– Say Ho Tan

“We’ve deployed FreeNAS and TrueNAS at several client locations and all the visual effects people are loving the TrueNAS system and how easy it is to manage.”

– Tim Nagle
Owner, Creative Integrations
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