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Our online training modules are designed to quickly get you up to speed so you can get the most out of your FreeNAS system. Each training module is topic-specific, under an hour in length, and cuts directly to the core of the information you need to become an expert in FreeNAS and ZFS. Take the modules you need, on your schedule.

Target Audience

Network, system, application, and storage administrators. Anyone who wants to get the most out of their FreeNAS system.


iX University training modules require a basic knowledge of networking and storage concepts. If you don’t have this background or would like a refresher, we recommend that you first take modules 101 and 102.

Some modules also require access to a FreeNAS system. You can download FreeNAS for free and install it either onto hardware or into a virtual environment.

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Michael Dexter

Michael Dexter

iX University Instructor

Michael Dexter brings over seven years of in-the-trenches FreeNAS and ZFS support experience to iX University, backed by over 25 years with UNIX. You probably know Michael from his open source community work surrounding BSD UNIX, file systems, and hypervisors.

Available Courses

Module 101: Introduction to FreeNAS

  • Training and Certification Overview
  • Introduction to iXsystems
  • iXsystems Data Storage Solutions Overview
  • FreeNAS® Feature Overview
  • FreeNAS® Architecture Overview
  • Introduction to OpenZFS Software RAID & Hybrid Storage



Module 102: Getting Started with FreeNAS

  • The FreeNAS Console Setup menu
  • Logging in to the FreeNAS web user interface
  • The FreeNAS Configuration Wizard
  • Updating FreeNAS
  • Other Administrative Tasks




Module 103: The FreeNAS 11.3 New User Interface Overview

  • The New User Interface Technologies (11.3)
  • The Angular UI and API v2.0
  • The FreeNAS Dashboard
  • Familiar behavior
  • Network Changes Batching and Rollback
  • The Storage Manager
  • iSCSI, SMB, and object storage features
  • Plugins, Jails, and Virtualization features
  • Reporting features and TrueCommand



Module 201: Advanced FreeNAS Setup

  • System Information and Reporting
  • The FreeNAS Sharing Model
  • A Multiuser SMB Configuration
  • Active Directory Integration
  • Service Management
  • Additional System Configuration



Module 202: FreeNAS Data Protection

  • Introduction to Data Protection and FreeNAS DP Features
  • Test Environment
  • FreeNAS Snapshots
  • Windows Shadow Copies and VMware Snapshots
  • FreeNAS Replication
  • Disaster Recovery Planning and Procedures



Module 203: Sharing Protocols

  • File vs. Block vs. Object Sharing and their Protocols
  • Sharing Protocol Selection
  • Local Users vs. Directory Services
  • Manual NFS and iSCSI Share Configuration
  • Specialty Protocols: SSH, WebDAV, FTP and TFTP



Module 204: Advanced Network Configuration

  • FreeNAS Networking Review
  • Link Aggregations
  • Static Routes
  • VLANs
  • Console Setup Menu Network Configuration
  • Network Diagnostic Tools



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